Further notes

This creature is taller than the average male human with pale yellow-green skin. Its limbs are long and lanky with long pointed fingers. The primary feature of this B.O.W. is its torso, consisting of bulbous pores that are capable of emitting a bright blue toxin. This toxin causes a C-Virus infection that mutates those that inhale it into zombies.[1]

The Lepotica has a blue tongue which it uses to shove it down the player's throat which can be fatal if he/she does not receive immediate treatment. It also exposes its tongue whenever it receives enough damage and gets stunned.


It seems that the pores of this creature could be an evolution or is a final part of its mutation process. It is found by Leon and Helena in the cockpit of the plane to China, however not fully formed and missing the pores. Its back ruptures and splits, and it rises to show the pores present.[2] This transformation is identical to that of the Chrysalid creatures, making it entirely possible that this creature is, indeed, simply another Chrysalid mutation.


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