Further notes

The Lepotica has a very few attacks but one of them can prove to be fatal. Its move sets are:

  • Tongue Shove: If the Lepotica gets a hold of the player, a QTE will commence and if failed, it will shove its tongue disposing it's toxin down the player's throat. It will leave the player in dying state momentarily and will die unless his/her partner is quick enough to revive the player. If already in the critical state (red health) this move will result in instant death.
  • Gas Spray: When shot in its pore, it will emit gas that can damage the player. When the player is in dying state and the gas sprays directly to him/her, the player will die instantly.
  • Gas Spray (Distant): During the Church segment, it will sometimes emit an obnoxious noise while emitting gas from a distance, infecting civilians who are within its range. It will also damage and knock down the player.

The Lepotica is also encountered in The Mercenaries level "The Catacombs". It is advisable to bring in characters equipped with strong weapons.


When encountering the Lepotica in the Church, it is recommended to keep some distance away from it. However at first, it will attempt to infect all the civilians having no intention attacking the player. Take this time to eliminate the civilians who have transformed at first. If all civilians have been infected, the Lepotica will turn its attention to the player. Keep some distance from it and attack using the recently found Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle or the Wing Shooter. Using the Shotgun can be quite tricky due to the Lepotica's Gas Spray. When it is approaching you, quickly flee and gain some distance. The weak point of the Lepotica is it's tiny head, which is hard to hit with the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. It's recommended to repeatedly unload on the Lepotica's legs to reduce mobility and until it kneels, this will prompt the player to perform a special melee. Once enough damage is delivered, it will finally die.

During Chapter 4 in the plane, the cockpit is quite small making it tricky for player to find some distance. Equip the Assault Rifle RN and quickly unload on it until it flees. Alternatively, if you're patient and are good with timing, you can continually counter the Lepotica in the cockpit, causing damage, and not wasting any ammo, though this method is time-consuming.


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