Inserted Evil - Annete

The file, "Annete.jpg"

This letter from Annette Birkin to her husband was found by Ian Sider, who leaked it onto the internet as a file titled "LetterFromAnnette.html". An image of the document was also uploaded under the title "Annete.jpg", misspelling her name.


Umbrella internal mail - CONFIDENTIAL -
Sender: Annette Birkin
To: William Birkin

My dear William,
It's strange writing you a letter,
but I don't feel like I've seen you in such
a long time. It's been almost a week since
you've been home.

I know how you can be consumed by your
work – and goodness knows if anyone can
understand that it's me – but Sherry misses
you. I know I haven't been around much either,
but we need to consider what's really important.
Maybe we're not being fair to Sherry.

I had my psych evaluation yesterday but it
 was strange. They seemed to be as interested
in you as they were in me. Asking me
questions about how I would react to things
you'd theoretically done. It was quite unlike all
my previous other ones. Still, I suppose they know
what they are doing.

Anyway my love, we both need to think
about Sherry more – and begin spending more
time with her. Let's be the family we always
wanted to be.

Yours always,


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