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The Letter from Sergei to Nicholai is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



Nicholai, I apologise for the delay in responding.

Your offer definitely has the potential to turn quite a profit. However, the price I had to pay was high and had to be considered carefully.

I have not changed my mind about relinquishing them. I understand that these ten soldiers I've fought alongside with are nothing more than a number, a price tag, to Umbrella.

I'm sure you are finding this all quite amusing, Silver Fox, but this is a sad day for me. I feared the day I would have to make this decision. after all, these men were all raised by me and are a part of me. I can't help but feel reservations about turning these thinking, feeling human beings into biological weapons and cursing them to an eternity of living death.

However, I have made my decision and will not waver. Progress is always built on sacrifice. If we are to truly restore our Mother into the great country she once was, I am willing to endure any amount of suffering, and a price in blood is still a small price to pay.

If I have to cut down my very body, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. I will wail and shed tears of blood and rend every last flesh of regret from my body if it means I can usher in a new age.

My answer, comrade, is yes. Silver Fox, your wish shall be granted.

Sergei Vladimir












Nikolai, my reply was delayed.

The trade you brought will surely achieve vast wealth and possibilities, and will be exceptional as a bargaining point... But, to be frank, I hesitated.

I haven't become regretful of parting with them.

I also know the reality that, to Umbrella, there's merely the "value" they set on these ten soldiers who shared my point between life and death since the war era.

We stood on the same battlefield Silver Wolf, you may laugh, but it was good.
I'm sorrowful.
As a man, I was afraid of this choice.
They are my other selves that I cherish.

They say I'll change my mind if they intend to change those men into living dead biological weapons...

However, the determination in this heart must not waver now.

For progress, noble sacrifices are necessary, obeying commands, investing all effort into something while risking life.

If our motherland is to be revived as a great nation, I will endure any hardship, unregretful of the compensation in blood.
It doesn't matter even if this body is chopped with an axe.

I swear.

I'll move forward on the road to become the conqueror of the new century while cutting my shameful flesh, bleeding in tears of sorrow.

The answer is "da."
Silver Wolf, I will grant your wish.

Sergei Vladimir