"Weekly challenge missions are available! Take them on at the lowest level possible!"
— RE.NET description

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 258 was an online event for Resident Evil Revelations 2, running from 17–23 October 2017. It required owning Episode 4 to play.


RE.NET originally posted an inaccurate rewards condition list. They were corrected on 20 October.[1]

Action Icon Reward
Character Lv.: 100 or less Electric Ammo icon Electric Ammo (Lv.3)
Character Lv.: 80 or less Extended Burn icon Extended Burn (Lv.4)
Character Lv.: 70 or less Life Stealer icon Life Stealer (Lv.4)
Character Lv.: 50 or less Charge Shot B icon Charge Shot B (Lv.6)
Character Lv.: 40 or less Charge Shot A icon Charge Shot A (Lv.7)
Character Lv.: 30 or less Merciless icon Merciless (Lv.8)


  1. RE.NET - "The reward levels for Level-Restricted Challenge No.258 were incorrect and have been updated".

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