"Weekly challenge missions are available! Take them on at the lowest level possible!"
— RE.NET description

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 392 was an online event for Resident Evil Revelations 2, running from 01.29 - 02.04 2019. It required owning Episode 3 to play.


Action Icon Reward
Character Lv.: 100 or less Frostbite icon Frostbite (Lv.3)
Character Lv.: 80 or less Scatter icon Scatter (Lv.4)
Character Lv.: 60 or less Electric Ammo icon Electric Ammo (Lv.5)
Character Lv.: 40 or less Homing Ammo icon Homing Ammo (Lv.6)
Character Lv.: 20 or less Final Shot icon Final Shot (Lv.8)
Character Lv.: 1 or less Shotgun Hydra icon Shotgun Hydra [Short Range+] (Lv.100, Slot 6)

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