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Further notes

The Licker β ("Beta") is the result of TRICELL's decision to research and develop from the Licker data left behind by Umbrella, following continuous high demand on the black market for the creatures.

The initial Lickers were created accidentally through V-ACT mutation during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, making their evolution unstable and unpredictable. As such, TRICELL sought to perfect the creature for biowarfare purposes. The resultant 'Beta' variant was created after administering the Progenitor virus to an average Licker. This variant of Licker was physically stronger and larger than their t-Virus counterparts and had a heightened sense of spatial awareness and olfactory acuity, however, they were still seen as an evolutionary dead end.[1]

The Licker β was mass-produced by TRICELL before their collapse, as such, they were commonplace on the black market and frequently ended up in the hands of terrorists. Notably, during the East Slavic Civil War, where they had been implanted with the submissive strain of Type-4 Plaga, allowing them to be directly used and controlled by members of the Pro-independence forces who carried the dominant strain.[2]