Further notes
  • Like the Reaper, the Licker is also a hard enemy that is easy to defeat, even with just a simple handgun. Aiming for its head will stun it, leaving it open to shoot its exposed heart within a few seconds time-frame.
  • This enemy will make an appearance in the "tyrant" level of Marvel vs Capcom 3 in which it can be seen in the background in containment cells as well as the T-002 in the test tube like the original Resident Evil.
  • Lickers tend to drop Red Heart-Cut Gems (Lion Heart).
  • Originally the Licker β was supposed to be vastly different from the standard licker. The original design called for the creature to have an exoskeleton covering most of the body and completely covering the previously exposed brain. Another concept included getting rid of its claws and instead having a long talon erupting from the arm of the licker for its attack.
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