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"Lieutenant" was a security agent for the Umbrella Corporation.


When the T-Virus spread out into Raccoon City from The Hive, the Lieutenant was assigned to take charge over much of Umbrella's military presence, under the overall control of the executive Timothy Cain.

Based at the Raven's Gate Bridge checkpoint, Lieutenant watched over as refugees from the viral outbreak tried to escape. In response to Zombie Dad's transformation, Lieutenant was ordered by Timothy Cain to seal the gate, locking the remaining civilians and guards in the city. Lieutenant was instructed to give the orders to fire live ammunition on any civilian refusing to leave the bridge.

As the Umbrella workers who did evacuate were being extracted on helicopters, Lieutenant remained at the checkpoint as the renegade Dr. Charles Ashford was spied on. After allowing Ashford to make contact with Alice and his daughter inside the city, Lieutenant arrested him.


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