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"An oil lighter. You can use it to light a dark area."
— Item examination

The Lighter is a key item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It's a gift Claire Redfield received from her brother.


When equipped, it will illuminate the surroundings around the player as well as keeping the bats at bay.

It can also be used in certain locations:

  • As Claire, it can be used at the Dining room to illuminate the place.
  • As Chris, it can be used to obtain the Sub Machine Gun at the Catacombs.
  • As either character (whoever has the Lighter in Antarctica), it can be used to obtain three sets of Handgun Bullets with the Detonator.


  • Claire: Inside the inventory by default.
  • Chris: If Claire gave the Hemostatic to Rodrigo, he will give the lighter back to Chris before he dies after the battle with the Gulp Worm.