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"Words are carved on it. "Don't play with fire! Love, Jessica""
— A lighter in the Spencer Mansion.

The Lighter is an item in both the original Resident Evil and the 2002 remake. It it primarily used to trigger special events.


"Some fluid is left."
— 1996 description

In both games the Lighter has three principal purposes. The first is lighting up the Small dining room on the east wing to find hidden ammo and, in the remake, a Musical Score. The second use is to light up the fireplace in the Lounge which reveals a secret map for 2F; in the remake one must first place the Wooden Mount over it. The third is to light up the oil lamps in the Dormitory's Recreation room, which reveal a puzzle for unlocking the Pharmacy. In the remake Lighters have an additional use where, if the player stands above a knocked-out Zombie and combines it with a Fuel Canteen they will incinerate the body to prevent transformation into a Crimson Head. Due to shortages in Fuel however this task can only seldom be done.


In both games, Chris Redfield starts with a Lighter, which is explained away as him being a smoker. Jill Valentine however must find one while exploring the Mansion. In the 1996 game Jill will find this in the Bedroom on 2F. In the 2002 remake she instead finds it in the Reading room on 2F. This Lighter has its own description, marking it as belonging to George Trevor.