"Words are carved on it. "Don't play with fire! Love, Jessica""
— A lighter in the Spencer Mansion.

The lighter is a recurring item in the Resident Evil series. It is mostly used to light up fireplaces or burn flammable objects serving as locks, among other things. Sometimes the lighter will be empty at first, and fluid must be found before use. Some characters have their own lighters, but frequently they must be found.

"Some fluid is left."
  • In Resident Evil, Chris starts with a lighter as his standard item, and Jill finds it in a bedroom in the Spencer Mansion. It has "LIGHTER of Lighter" and a small banner underneath decorating it.
"It's a brass lighter coated with gold."
— Lighter examination in 2002 Remake.
  • In the remake of Resident Evil when examining the lighter on you can just about make out the words "LIGHTER of Lighter" and a small banner underneath decorating it, although that isn't what it says when Jill examines it, which is the quotation shown above. The lighter Jill picks up belonged to George Trevor that was a gift from his wife and a file can be found in the mansion on it. Chris' lighter is his own, he will say that "It's a brass lighter coated with gold" upon checking it. Combining the Fuel Canteen with the lighter allows you to burn incapacitated zombie corpses to stop the progress of creating a Crimson Head.


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