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"The Lightning Hawk gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol is a close range weapon thats capable of shooting more powerful ammunition an most other pistols. Deadly and beautiful, it should be a privelege for your ill-fated enemies to get such a nice parting gift."
— In Game Description

The Lightning Hawk is a weapon that in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It is not available from start, and must be purchased using 27,500 experience points, making it the most expensive weapon in the game to obtain.

Compared to the other Handguns, the Lightning Hawk has the highest firepower and the best blood frenzy, but also the smallest capacity, the lowest range, the slowest rate of fire and the strongest recoil. It also has the lowest amount of spare ammunition, having 7 rounds in the magazine and 28 spare rounds initially, and the maximum number of spare bullets is 70.

Leon S. Kennedy is shown in game with this weapon during the mission 5 Expendable of the USS campaign. Also, he uses L.Hawk in the final battle in mission 7 End of the Line of USS campaign, if the player decided to defend him.


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