"With Umbrella's paper trail at City Hall destroyed, Wolfpack is ordered to suppress another threat to Umbrella's reputation - survivors. But with an old enemy and his new friends in the way, killing innocent people isn't as easy as Wolfpack thought. "
— Official level description

Lights Out (遮断 shadan?) is the third mission of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Command realizes that finding and eliminating every survivor in the city is a time-consuming task, even with the virus spreading. Because some of these survivors may have information incriminating to Umbrella, Command devises a plan to knock out the city's telecommunications by disabling the power supply to the city with the use of portable EMP charges. These charges are to be dropped by a U.S.S. UH-60 Blackhawk on top of the hospital's rooftop heliport. Little does the Wolfpack know that an unpleasant surprise is awaiting them there, set up by Nicholai. In the end, the mission is a success, with the EMP generators taking out power throughout the city.


{Briefing Cutscene}

  • U.S.S. Command: "The number of survivors in Raccoon City may still have information that could damage the corporation. We don't have time to hunt them down individually, so we're going to have to knock out a power grid that will take out the city's telecommunications; we can't let anything get out that might link us to the outbreak. We're sending you some electromagnetic pulse generators that you will use to deactivate the power plant in the northern sector of the city. A supply chopper is inbound with the generators. Rendezvous with it on the Raccoon City Hospital rooftop helipad."
  • LUPO: "Objective confirmed. We're moving to the hospital now."

Entering the hall of hospital, Nicholai's voice can be heard.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Good evening, Umbrella Swcurity Service. Hope you haven't forgotten your friend, Nicholai. I see you escaped my little deversion at City Hall."

(Playable character answers):

  • LUPO: "It's the UBCS traitor. What's his angle?"
  • SPECTRE: " is he...tracking us?"
  • VECTOR: "Nicholai. We're dealing with him again?"
  • BERTHA: "Ohhh..Nicholai. The UBCS dog."
  • FOUR EYES: "Nicholai? That UBCS traitor. He sounds unstable."
  • BELTWAY: "Nicholai. That UBCS punk? This guy us a piece of work."

Nicholai continues.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Unfortunately, my, client...can't have you interfiring with our little side project. SO, I've rigged up a few toys to keep you busy."

Secondary objective changes: "Survive Nicholai's trap"

After defeating zombies in the hall, another pack of them invades the room. Playable character says.

  • LUPO: "It's a trap! Some of the zombies are set with exploves. Watch your distance!"
  • SPECTRE: "Explosives. Shoot zombies before...they get too close."
  • VECTOR: "Shit! They're rigged with explosives! Shoot them before they get too close!"
  • BERTHA: "Oh! Zombies go boom. Better stay away."
  • FOUR EYES: "Hold back those zombies, they're rigged with explosives!"
  • BELTWAY: "Damn! He put explosives on the zombies. Better watch out."

Exiting the hall.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Ha ha! My little contraptions seem to be working perfectly."

Clearing other rooms of zombies.

Primary objective changes: "Checkpoint activated"

Secondary objective changes: "Find the Black Keycard"

Reaching the door that is locked by Black Keycard, playable character will hear the noise and say:

  • LUPO: "What the hell is that? Don't let your guard down..."
  • SPECTRE: "Not...a good sound..."
  • VECTOR: "That doesn't sound good. Be ready for anything."
  • BERTHA: "Uh oh. Sounds like something nasty trying to get out."
  • FOUR EYES: "That sounds vicious. That might be B.O.W.s on the other side..."
  • BELTWAY: "Whatever's making that noise sounds angry..."

Opening the door, locked by Black Keycard.

Primary objective changes: "Get to the Chopper on the Roof"

Secondary objective changes: "Survive the Licker attack."

Reaching the door that is set up by trigger mines, the playable character will say:

  • LUPO: "Looks like he's rigged up trip mines with laser triggers. Keep your eyes open and shoot 'em if you see 'em."
  • SPECTRE: "Laser trip mines. Shoot them."
  • VECTOR: "He's set up trip mines. Watch out for laser triggers. Shoot them if you see them."
  • BERTHA: "Trip mines! Watch out for the lasers and shoot them if you find any."
  • FOUR EYES: "He's rigged up laser trip mines. If you find anything, shoot it."
  • BELTWAY: "Trip mines with laser triggers. Not bad. Watch out for those beams. I can defuse them pretty easily."

Opening the door that was mined with trigger mines.

Primary objective changes: "Checkpoint activated"

  • USS Command: "Delta Team, the EMP supply choppe is inbound. Get to the roof!"

The licker attacks when player enters the room.

Primary objective changes: "Get to the Chopper on the Roof"

Secondary objective changes: "Survive the Licker attack."

Moving up the stairs that are mined as well, playable character:

  • LUPO: "Goddamit! Watch those trip mines!"
  • SPECTRE: "More...bombs."
  • VECTOR: "Nicholai was thorough."
  • BERTHA: "These bombs are getting old."
  • FOUR EYES: "That's a lot of bombs. Nicholai was definetely thorough."
  • BELTWAY: "How many bombs does this guy have?"

Entering the rooftop, a pack of Crimson Heads will attack. The playable character will say:

  • LUPO: "V-A-C-Ts! Look alive!"
  • SPECTRE: " careful..."
  • VECTOR: "V-ACTs! Watch out!"
  • BERTHA: "What kind of zombies are these!?"
  • FOUR EYES: "Crimson Heads!? These zombies are already going through the V-ACT process."
  • BELTWAY: "Whoa! There's Crimson Heads in here!"

Primary objective changes: "Secure the Helipad"

Secondary objective changes: "Defeat all the Crimson Heads."


A UH-60 Blackhawk flies over the Raccoon City skyline; much of the city is on fire at this point. From a nearby rooftop, Nicholai Ginovaef aims and fires his sniper rifle at the helicopter. A perfect shot, the bullet flies in through the window and straight into the pilot's head. The helicopter spins out of control and crashes into the streets. Nicholai then proceeds to activate a series of charges, destroying even more of the city's infrastructure.

The team finds itself inside the burning hospital.

(One of the next characters):

  • FOUR EYES: "The Hospital is on fire. If the heat doesn't kill us, the CO2 will. Let's go!"
  • VECTOR: "The whole place is on fire, we need to get out immediately!"
  • BERTHA: "This hospital is burning down! Let's get out before we go with it"

Any character may answer to this:

  • LUPO: "Command, Nicholai just shot down the damn chopper, and we are about to burn to a crisp!"
  • BELTWAY: "Goddamit! Command, Nicholai just shot down our supply drop and we're fucking burning in here!"
  • SPECTRE: "Command. The supply drop is down! We've lost sight of our tharge in these flames."
  • BERTHA: "Command, the chopper is down. We do not have the EMPs, and this place is coming down."
  • VECTOR: "Command, Nicholai just downed our supply chopper!"
  • FOUR EYES: "Command, Nicholai has shot down our supply drop! Things are getting hot over here."

Command answers:

  • USS Command: "Do not let Nicholai get a hold of those EMP charges. Get to that crash site and recover them immediately!"

Primary objective changes: "Find the Crash Site"

Secondary objective changes: "Escape the Hospital"

Exiting the hall of hospital and reaching the morgue.

  • (Playable character): "The morgue should have a loading dock. We can exit through there. Hurry!"

Hunter will appear suddenly. Playable character will comment that:

  • LUPO: "MA-121 Hunters! Concentrate your fire!"
  • SPECTRE: "B.O.W.s...they're loose!"
  • VECTOR: "Shit! B.O.W.s! Open fire!"
  • BERTHA: "B.O.W.s!? How did they get in here?"
  • FOUR EYES: "MA-121's!? How did B.O.W.s get in here!?"
  • BELTWAY: "Shit!? Are those Hunters!? What the hell are B.O.W.s doing in here?"

When another Hunter will appear in the morgue, playable character will say:

  • LUPO: "Shit! MA-121's are out! Open fire!"
  • SPECTRE: "The Hunters are out!"
  • VECTOR: "Shit! The Hunters are loose! Attack!"
  • BERTHA: "B.O.W.s have escaped!"
  • FOUR EYES: "Argh! MA-121's on the loose! They're on us!"
  • BELTWAY: "Shit! Those B.O.W.s are out! Fire!"

Exiting the hospital.

Secondary objective changes: "Reach the Park"

Moving further, before encountering soldiers

  • (The playable character): "Alright, let's get to that crash site."

(Only VECTOR or SPECTRE can answer):

  • VECTOR: "Stay quiet. Move slow."
  • SPECTRE: "Remain silent...don't attract their attention."

Reaching the park.

(One of the next characters):

  • BELTWAY: "The chopper crashed by that clocktower. Let's get those EMPs."
  • VECTOR: "The chopper crashed by that clock tower. Keep an eye out for Nicholai."
  • SPECTRE: "The crash by that clock tower."

(One of the next characters answers):

  • BERTHA: "The entrance is blocked. Let's find another way."
  • LUPO: "The area's barricaded. We'll have to find another way in."
  • BELTWAY: "The entrance is blocked off. Let's find another way inside."

Primary objective changes: "Checkpoint activated"

Reaching the crashed chopper.

Primary objective changes: "Retrieve EMP Devices"

Secondary objective changes: "0-3/3 EMP Devices Collected"

When 2/3 EMPs collected.

(The playable character):

  • LUPO: "EMP secured! Who's got the next one!?"
  • SPECTRE: "EMP...recovered. We need one more."
  • VECTOR: "EMP secured! Need one more."
  • BERTHA: "Ah ha! I've got an E-M-P! Who's next?"
  • FOUR EYES: "I've secured an EMP charge. We need one more."
  • BELTWAY: "EMP charge secured! Somebody else's turn!"

Suddenly Nicholai talks to Wolfpack via radio.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "If you want the last EMP charge - come and get it!"

(One of male characters answers):

  • SPECTRE: "Nicholai!? He must be on our comm channel..."
  • VECTOR: "Damn. It's Nicholai!"
  • BELTWAY: "Shit! It's that UBCS scum."

Command interrupts:

  • USS Command: "Wolfpack! Take him out! You need that EMP."

Primary objective changes: "Retrieve final EMP Device from Nicholai"

Entering the gate of the clocktower, Wolfpack confronts Nicholai with sniper rifle.

Playable character:

  • LUPO: "Take cover! He's got a sniper rifle!"
  • SPECTRE: "Sniper! Take cover..."
  • VECTOR: "Take cover! He's got a sniper rifle!"
  • BERTHA: "A laser sight...? He's trying to snipe us!"
  • FOUR EYES: "He's got a sniper rifle! Get to cover!"
  • BELTWAY: "Goddamn sniper rifle. We're sitting ducks."
  • (Any other character answers): "Someone distract him with suppressive fire so we can move!"

Secondary objective changes: "Defeat Nicholai"

Nicholai talks to Delta Team while shooting them.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "HA! You fools don't even know what you are doing! Do you really think that i could have done this all alone comrades? How do you think I knew where you were going? How did I know about your precious EMP devices? My client gave me your comm channel! That's right! I've been gathering combat data for Operation Watchdog! You have been most useful in assisting me! Of course, my client WANT this information, they will have to pay for it, and neither you or them can stop me!"

After dealing some damage to Nicholai, he rings the tower's bell and attracts zombies to Wolfpack.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Heh heh! This might be easier than I thought. Maybe I overestimate the USS."

After defeating zombies.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Ha! Easy targets!"

After dealing some damage to Nicholai for the second time, he rings the tower's bell and attracts zombies to Wolfpack as well as before.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Agh! You are ruining my work!"

After defeating zombies.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Ha! Easy targets!"

After dealing some damage to Nicholai for the third time he runs away.

  • USS Command: "Nicholai is not a priority. DIsengage and proceed to the power plant immediately. We need to deactivate that power grid."

When picking up the final EMP inside the clocktower.

Primary objective changes: "Reach the Power Plant"

Secondary objective changes: "3/3 EMP Devices Collected"

(The playable character, except BELTWAY):

  • LUPO: "Command, we've secured the EMP charges. Mission update requested."
  • SPECTRE: "Command...we've got charges. Upfate requested..."
  • VECTOR: "Command, we've retrieved the EMPs. Standing by for mission update."
  • BERTHA: "Command, we've secured the charges. Update requested."
  • FOUR EYES: "Command, EMP charges secured. Awaiting mission update."

Command's answer.

  • USS Command: "Wolfpack, management is not sure what's motivating Nicholai. But he seems to have ulterior motives. We'll keep looking into it."

Entering the Power Plant.

Primary objective changes: "Disable the Generators"

Entering the Generator Room.

Primary objective changes: "Disable the 3 Generators"

Secondary 'objective changes: "Raise the First Generator"

  • (The playable character): "Command, we've reached the power plant."
  • USS Command: "Copy that. Plant the EMP charges on the generators and knock out that power grid."

After rising the first generator, a group of Spec Ops appearing and trying to defend the plant.

Secondary objective  changes: "Plant an EMP on the First Generator"

Playable character:

  • LUPO: "Spec Ops! They must be here guarding the power grid!"
  • SPECTRE: "SpecOps...guarding the power plant."
  • VECTOR: "SpecOps! They must be protecting the power grid."
  • BERTHA: "Ohh, more SpecOps. Time to die."
  • FOUR EYES: "Seems like this facility is a priority for the U.S. government as well."
  • BELTWAY: "Aww, more boy scouts! They must be trying to keep the power on."

After planting first EMP.

Secondary objective changes: "Raise the Second Generator"

(One of the next characters):

  • LUPO: "One EMP charge set, now for the second one."
  • SPECTRE: "FIrst EMP planted...need one more."
  • FOUR EYES: "First EMP planted. One more charge to go."

Nicholai appears suddenly.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "I'm done playing games with you Security Service dogs. Time to finish this!"

Playable character answers.

  • LUPO: "Shit, it's Nicholai! He's on the catwalk above us!"
  • SPECTRE: "It's Nicholai...on the catwalks...above us."
  • VECTOR: "Nicholai is back! He's on the catwalk! Kill him!"
  • BERTHA: "Is that Nicholai again? He's attacking from above."
  • FOUR EYES: "Nicholai's followed us! He's on the catwalk!"
  • BELTWAY: "It's Nicholai, again!? This guy just doesn't quit!"

After rising the second generator.

Secondary objective changes: "Plant an EMP on the Second Generator"

After planting second EMP.

Secondary objective changes: "Raise the Third Generator"

(One of the next characters):

  • VECTOR: "EMP charge set. One more to go."
  • BERTHA: "One EMP charge set! Almost finished."
  • BELTWAY: "One EMP charge down! Let's do it again and blow this place."

After rising the third generator.

Secondary objective changes: "Plant an EMP on the Third Generator"

After planting third EMP.

  • BELTWAY or BERTHA or FOUR EYES: "Charges set. Detonating!"


  • U.S.S. Command: " Good, the power grid's down. Our job's done. No need to keep fighting. Leave those bastards in the dark ."


Wolfpacks mission was to head to the top of the Raccoon City Hospital to pick up 3 EMP charges from a delivering helicopter, and use them on the citys power plant to disable all electricity in the city, cutting off all forms of communication. This plan goes haywire when Nicholai Zinoviev intervenes to prevent wolfpack from completing their mission. From bomb strapped Zombies to proximity mines placed all around the hospital, its a long way up.

Once wolfpack reaches the helipad on the Hospitals Rooftop, Nicholai takes out the helicopter pilot with a well placed sniper round, and the helicopter crashes in Raccoon Park. Immediately after that, Nicholai also detonates charges under the helipad, causing wolfpack to fall to the level below. Wolfpack survives and makes it out of the (now burning) hospital alive.

They then head to raccoon park to gather the EMP charges scattered around the foggy park. They only locate two and find out the third is in the hands on Nicholai, who is in the upper floors of nearby Saint Michael Clock Tower armed with the same sniper rifle used to take out the helicopter. After having a sniper battle with nicholai outside of the clock tower, he retreats, allowing you to enter the clock towers chapel area and retrieve the final EMP charge.

Afterwards, wolfpack heads to the Power Plant to complete their mission. Upon reaching the Power Plant and getting ready to set the charges, the areabecomes swarmed with zombies, spec ops agents, and finally Nicholai returns one last time to snipe at you from the catawalk, as a last stand to prevent you from completing your mission. Despite all of this, all three charges were planted and detonated by the team, blacking out the town.



Easter eggs


The U.S.S. identifies the lickers by their name. This should not be possible as this name was coined by the Raccoon Police Department, and not Umbrella.

In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis the Chapel is located to the left hand of the entrance. It is located to the right hand here.


  • The reason for Nicholai's belligerency towards Delta team is explained as them being one part of Operation: WATCHDOG - he intends to have them killed in order to fulfil combat data and earn him a reward from Umbrella.


Weapons that can be found during the mission:

Dropped by enemies:

Found during the mission:

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