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Linda Baldwin was an Umbrella Corporation researcher. She worked in the commercial Umbrella facility in Raccoon City along with Carter.


During the outbreak, Linda returned to her laboratory to retrieve a sample of an experimental reagent, AT1521, to counteract the effects of the t-Virus.[1] Unfortunately, a lock down occurred in the building shortly after her arrival, cutting off Linda, Carter, David King, and a group of survivors off from the exit,[2] trapping them in with a group of vicious Hunters.[3]

To protect themselves, Carter released a Tyrant stored in the lab and reprogrammed it to take on the Hunters. Linda was uneasy, but went along with the plan, which turned out good at first, but proved to have disastrous consequences.[4] The Tyrant rebelled, killing Carter, destroying the reagent sample, and knocking Linda off of a catwalk.[5]

She was later discovered by the other survivors alive, in the facility's waterworks,[6] before being washed down the sewers.[7] Despite this, she was able to make it to the Apple Inn, where she was shot in the leg by a U.B.C.S. mercenary named Arnold, under supervision of Tommy Nielsen.[8]

In one of the possibe endings after the incident, she and Yoko Suzuki testified against Umbrella in court, contributing to its eventual downfall.[9]


The ability to purchase Linda as a playable character is unlocked if the player rescues her and completes the scenario End of the Road with any character in any difficulty. She can be purchased in the collection menu for 4000 points. She is a Cindy-type character so she comes with Cindy's Herb Case and is able to dodge any attack like Cindy. Her voices are of the typical Cindy-type characters, and as with most playable scientist characters that come with some form of medicine as an extra item, Linda comes with three Recovery Pills.

Further notes[]

  • Linda is Portuguese and Spanish for "Beautiful".
  • Linda's name and her occupation are actually recycled concepts from Resident Evil 1.5 concerning Ada Wong's original design.
  • She shares the original fate of Marvin Branagh in Resident Evil 1.5 by getting shot in the leg. She can be saved by getting to Rodriguez's chopper in time or after defeating the Nyx. However, Marvin's fate in Resident Evil 1.5 is unknown.
  • In Resident Evil Outbreak, she is named "Rinda" instead of Linda, probably because of the Japanese pronunciation. She also starts with a Recovery Medicine (Large) in her inventory.


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