"A fast-paced stage featuring 3 control rooms connected by narrow passageways. One important strategy is taking out the J'avo that mutate on their own with the highest priority."
RE.NET description[1]

Liquid Fire is a stage present in The Mercenaries and all additional contents in Resident Evil 6. In the Japanese version it is known as "Magma control room - power reactor" (マグマ制御室 動力炉 Maguma seigyo-shitsu dōryoku-ro?).

This map, alongside all DLC maps in Resident Evil 6, are free to download in the PC version, while the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions have all DLC maps installed by default.



In the Mercenaries mode, players will encounter the following enemy types:

Hidden Boss

The Hidden Boss in this stage is the Napad and for it to spawn the player needs to kill 25 enemies with a Coup de Grace before the kill count reaches 80.

In addition, all Mesecs and Rasklapanjes are considered bosses.

Time Bonus and Combo Bonus locations

This map contains six time bonuses and three combo bonuses.

Time Bonuses
Combo Bonuses


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