DeCandido universe
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Lisa Broward was an Umbrella computer security employee who, unaware to the company, was secretly working for an anti-Umbrella organization. She was the sister of Matt Addison.


In college, Lisa was a student of a man named Dr. Simon Barr, regarded as the top man in applied AI. At the beginning of the course, Barr promised his students that none of them would get higher than a B, and most would get Cs or Ds. Lisa was determined to prove him wrong, and after months of agonizing work, she received an A, though Barr told her that she would become nothing better than a corporate drone who was simply better at it than most. Barr, for his part, would go on to be involved with the development of the Red Queen.[1]

Hatred for Umbrella

Lisa was good friends with Mahmoud al-Rashan, whom she met working for Citibank, and his wife Fadwa. When Mahmoud died after complications following surgical work on an ulcer, it was discovered that drugs manufactured by Umbrella's subsidiary Armbruster had only worsened his condition. It was then that Lisa developed a deep, abiding hatred for Umbrella.[2]

The Hive

Until around 2000, Lisa was married to Nick Broward. She received a number of requests to join the Umbrella Corporation, who were satisfied with her work at KPMG; Bear Searns and Citibank and wanted her to work in Raccoon City. Unwilling to join Umbrella, she turned them down, saying that she and her husband wouldn't leave New York because of her sick mother-in-law. After she died and Lisa and Nick divorced, there were few excuses left. Lisa was selected by an anti-Umbrella organization as a mole, much to the dislike of her brother Matt, who was already a member. Having been pursued by the company for a few years by then, Lisa was instructed to turn back to Umbrella with the claim that the economy was in such a state that their five-year contracts were a perfect form of job security.[3]


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