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"Mo... ther..."
— Lisa Trevor, before throwing herself down a chasm after seeing her mother's corpse.

Lisa Trevor (リサ・トレヴァー Risa Torevā?) was an American woman who was abducted by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to serve as a test subject in a series of unethical and illegal viral weapons experiments using Progenitor virus at the Arklay Laboratory. She was important in the development of the Tyrant Virus once that Lisa was the first modern human to survive the infection as well as the patient zero infected with the Golgotha Virus. Twisted and deformed by three decades of abuse, Lisa became a danger to the staff of the Arklay Laboratory, and they arranged for her murder when no longer deemed useful, though she was able to cheat death for another three years until she was killed in the explosion that destroyed the laboratory.[2][excerpt 1]


Early life and abduction

The Trevor family.

Lisa was born around 1953 to the famous architect George Trevor, co-owner of Trevor & Chamberlain, and his wife Jessica. In the 1960s, her father was commissioned by Dr. Oswell E. Spencer to construct a mansion for him in the afforested Arklay County. Spencer built up a relationship with the family, such as commissioning stained glass art of Lisa for one window. When the mansion was completed in November 1967 the family was invited to visit to celebrate. George was busy with work, but rather than reschedule the visit Jessica drove ahead with Lisa, expecting to meet George later in the week.[3]

Arriving at the mansion around the 10th, the two were detained by Spencer's security guards and taken into an underground passage to serve as human test subjects for Progenitor research. On the 13th Jessica was able to smuggle an escape plan on the back of a family photograph, set to take place the following day when being transported to the laboratory.[4][note 1] However, Jessica was killed later that night, and Lisa failed to escape on her own. On 15 November, Spencer had a lab assistant dress up as Jessica to fool Lisa; this had the opposite effect of making her extremely violent when the deception was revealed. Mentally-disturbed as a side-effect of either the drugs or the virus, Lisa believed her abductors had stolen Jessica's face, and responded by stabbing the woman at dinner and carving her face off in the hopes of returning it to her mother.[4] Escaping from the lab Lisa found herself at the altar beneath the mansion's entrance hall, where she discovered a tomb engraved with her mother's name, but by the 17th her written account of the abduction is so erratic it is impossible to determine if she was able to actually open the tomb.[4] Following this she was recaptured and kept in captivity for later experiments.[5]

Adult life

Trevor, restrained to a bed.

Over the next eleven years Lisa was kept trapped in her bed in solitude in the Arklay Laboratory's prison cell, where she was experimented on repeatedly which, consequently, deformed her body completely. Her existence was classified with her name being unknown to most of the Umbrella employees who knew she existed.[5] In the years following Dr. William Birkin's 1978 assignment as the chief of research, the need for a constant intake in test subjects led to repeated use of Lisa in research.[6] In 1988, she was selected as the host of a NE-α Type parasite, a parasite engineered to take over the brain functions of B.O.W.s, but which was constantly killing test subjects. When implanted into her body, her body proved too hazardous an environment, and not only killed the parasite but dissolved it and spliced its DNA into her body. When searching for an explanation, Dr. Birkin discovered a mutant Progenitor strain entirely different from the t-Viruses within her body to be the cause; this virus was named Golgotha, or the G-Virus.[7][8]

Lisa in her cabin after her escape from the Mansion.

In the seven years following the experiment, Lisa regained a degree of her intelligence that was lost during the t-Virus research. This became a serious danger to the security of the laboratory when she began attacking female researchers in a similar manner to the woman in 1967. Following the deaths of three in 1995, the decision was made to have Lisa killed, seeing her as no longer being of use in their research. Following the execution, her body was observed for three days to confirm her death. The lab's new chief of research, Dr. John Clemens, had her body taken to a secret location, where she awoke.[9] Whether this was predicted by Clemens, who was notorious among Umbrella personnel for his disgust of their inhumane actions, is unknown. For the next three years, Lisa lived in a cabin on the far edge of the Spencer Mansion's grounds and, given the contents of the shed, may have survived on pumpkins and other vegetables grown in the area.

Mansion Incident and Death

Lisa is immobilized by Wesker before her death.

In May 1998, a strain of t-Virus leaked in the laboratory, resulting in the zombification of the laboratory staff. Lisa continued her quiet life around the cabin however, but did come into contact with members of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service on the night of July 23–24. In the altar room, she finally saw her mother's body in the newly-opened coffin, and made the decision to end her life by jumping into a chasm. Due to her G-mutation, however, she failed to die. In the early hours of July 24, Lisa climbed out and explored the laboratory, where she fought Captain Albert Wesker, who had gained enhanced abilities from an experimental t-Virus derivative. She followed him into the mansion, and was pinned down by a falling chandelier in the entrance hall, which prevented her from escaping the mansion when it exploded.[1]



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