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— Lisa Trevor, before throwing herself down a chasm after seeing her mother's corpse.
For the Roberts character, see Lisa Trevor (Roberts).

Lisa Trevor (リサ・トレヴァー Risa Torevā?) (c.1953-1998) was an American superhuman, and the first person to become a Progenitor adapter since at least the Neolithic. Trevor was abducted as part of a retroviral research project by what would later become Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Having survived and mutated from exposure to a Progenitor strain, Lisa's enhanced abilities made her a regular and reliable test-subject in bioweapons research. Her usefulness to the company ended in 1988 after twenty years of testing, when a Progenitor strain dubbed Golgotha Virus was isolated in her blood. Lisa's powerful regenerative abilities allowed to her to survive her planned execution, and she would go on to live in the Arklay Mountains until 1998, when she involved herself in the Mansion Incident. She ultimately died when the facility was destroyed.[2][3][excerpt 1][excerpt 2]


Early life and abduction[]

Trevor Family picture

The Trevor family.

Lisa Trevor was born around 1953 to architect George Trevor and his wife, Jessica. Trevor & Chamberlain was at the time a well known construction firm which specialized in eccentric and elaborate building designs. From 1964 to 1967 the company was tasked building the elaborate Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains, with Trevor herself being immortalized in its design as a wall painting in its gallery. Upon the mansion's completion, the family was invited over to as guests of the client, Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer. With George himself caught up with work and being unable to go, Jessica drove on to the mansion with Lisa where they planned to stay over the week until George arrived.[4]

Arriving at the mansion around Friday 10 November, the two were immediately detained by Spencer's security guards and taken into an underground cavern below the estate. There, Jessica and Lisa were respectively injected with the 'Type-A' and 'Type-B' strains of Progenitor Virus, a newly discovered retrovirus Spencer believed would be useful for eugenics, but which required alteration to successfully mutate a human.[5] Over the next few days, both were subjected to further testing while their mental state deteriorated, likely the onset of brain-damage as an effect of the Progenitor disease. While Jessica made plans for a break-out on Monday 13 November, her poor reaction to the virus deemed her as a failed experiment, which led to her immediate execution, which prevented any hope of Lisa escaping.[5] Unlike her mother, however, Lisa's body reacted much better to the Progenitor infection and she developed a degree of superhuman strength, though not to the extent a properly engineered Progenitor strain would have accomplished.

As Lisa's mental deterioration worsened and she longed for her mother, a Spencer employee was tasked to impersonate Jessica and keep her satisfied, albeit with little success. On Wednesday 15 November, Lisa's deterioration reached a critical state in spite of her enhanced abilities, and she went into a violent outburst during dinner with the impersonator. When Lisa realized the deception, she believed the woman had stolen Jessica's face, and attempted to cut it off and give it back to her mother. It is uncertain if the woman died from these lacerations.[5] Over the next several days, Lisa's mental state worsened further, with her diary suggesting she had briefly escaped the lab following the attack.[5] Her claims of having found the graves of both her parents cannot be reconciled with known events, however, as George was at the time still alive; she did find her mother's grave, but was unable to open as it was sealed shut by a heavy stone slab.

Adult life[]

Lisa Trevor restrained to bed

Trevor, restrained to a bed.

Over the next twenty-eight years, Lisa remained beneath the estate, and was moved into the Arklay Laboratory upon its completion. Her existence was kept a company secret, with none of the researchers at the facility knowing her name, and few even knowing she existed at all.[6] Over this period, Lisa continued to deteriorate, falling into a stupor, though kept chained to her bed in the event she recovered. For much of the first twenty years she was fed through intravenous therapy, and transported by wheelchair if she needed to be moved. From 1978, Dr. William Birkin, the facility's new chief researcher, made considerable use of her abilities as the need for test subjects increased.[6][7] In 1988, Lisa Trevor was selected to be the host of a NE-α Type parasite. These parasites had been engineered by Umbrella Europe to replace the brain functions in a B.O.W. to improve performance, but had a low success rate. During the surgical implantation, however, Lisa's immune system attacked the organism and destroyed it. Her consciousness was restored with a certain degree of intelligence after this event. When searching for an explanation, Birkin isolated a Progenitor mutant strain entirely distinct from the t-Virus she had previously been tested with.[8][9]


Lisa in her cabin after her escape from the Mansion.

Over the next seven years, Lisa Trevor became a hindrance to the research; with her mind somewhat restored, she was once more able to use her enhanced strength in her obsessive need to collect faces, making her a danger to all women in the facility, especially. Following the deaths of three researchers in 1995, the executives had had enough, and orders were given for the Umbrella Security Service to execute her. Owing to her regenerative abilities, the U.S.S. waited three days before declaring her deceased, and her body was taken away for disposal. Her disposal was handled by Birkin's successor, Dr. John Clemens, a researcher the Intelligence Division considered a potential security risk owing to his views on research ethics.[10]

Lisa & Wesker ending Rebirth UC

Lisa is immobilized by Wesker before her death.

Where Lisa's body was taken is uncertain, but her regenerative abilities allowed her to recover, and she made her life in the Arklays as a mountain woman, surviving on her own means.[2] Following the t-Virus outbreak at the Arklay Laboratory in May 1998, Lisa Trevor's territory expanded or moved to encompass the estate and land to the east, making a home out of a cabin the staff used to store pumpkins and other vegetables grown nearby. Based on the findings of the Raccoon Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Service who stayed at the facility from Thursday 23-Saturday 25 July, Lisa had made use of the underground tunnels where she was first infected in, accessed from a trap door in the shed. In one room were a number of objects she had stolen from the mansion. Lisa Trevor made repeated threats on S.T.A.R.S., and on their final confrotation jumped into a chasm, after finally being able to recover her mother's corpse buried inside the stone coffin.

On the Saturday morning, Lisa Trevor had made her way out of the chasm just as the facility's self-destruct system was activated. Exploring the lab regardless of the situation, she encountered Dr. Albert Wesker, recognizing him as one of her torturers, who had since become a S.T.A.R.S. Captain. Wesker by this point had also become a superhuman thanks to exposure to a t-Virus strain with more typical Progenitor properties, and was able to escape her. Following him into the mansion, Lisa continued to harass him, eating up more and more time. During her fight with Wesker in the entrance hall, she was pinned down by a falling chandelier, allowing Wesker to escape as the mansion exploded.[1]



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