In Resident Evil: Revelations, passages from Dante's La Divine Commedia can be found as a file.

Additionally, Jack Norman, leader of terrorist organization Il Veltro and Morgan Lansdale, Commissioner of FBC,both quoted multiple lines from Divine Comedy.

During his first broadcast,Norman quoted passage from Canto XXXIII:

Thou wilt that I renew
The desperate grief, which wrings my heart already
To think of only, ere I speak of it;

But if my words be seed that may bear fruit
Of infamy to the traitor whom I gnaw,
Speaking and weeping shalt thou see together.

I know not who thou art, nor by what mode
Thou hast come down here;

Norman,while speaking to B.S.A.A. agents Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield,recited numerous lines from various cantos from Dante's Inferno:

Each one will find again his dismal tomb, shall take his flesh and his own figure, will hear that which through eternity reechoes

Pape Satan, Pape Satan, Aleppe!

Vengeance of God, O how much oughtest thou
By each one to be dreaded, who doth read
That was manifest unto mine eyes! 

Norman,as well as Quint Cetcham and Morgan Lansdale,quoted the line from Divine Comedy,which was written on the gates of Hell before Dante entered it for salvation

Abandon hope all ye who enter

While initiating the Regia Solis activation during Terragrigia Panic in 2004, Morgan recited the line from Canto XXXIII of the book,as he spoke to Norman

Full soon thou shalt thou be where

Thine eyes shall answer make to thee of this,

Seeing the cause which raineth down the blast

Also,passage from Canto VI was quoted by Veltro agent in one of the diaries found on sunken Queen Dido

Howl the rain maketh them like unto dogs;
One side they make a shelter for the other;
Oft turn themselves the wretched reprobates.


Malacoda ("Evil Tail"); Draghignazzo ("Big Nasty Dragon"); Farfarello (sometimes translated as the "Goblin") and Scarmiglione were part of the Malebranche - a group of twelve demons who force politicians to stay under a lake of pitch in the Eighth Circle of Hell.


Il Veltro was the name of a savior-like figure "prophesied" by Virgil in Dante's Inferno, canto I. Veltro member and friend of Norman, Ugolino Baronio, was named after Count Ugolino whom Dante encountered in Hell. In Resident Evil 6, the mercenary group of Jake Muller that operates in Edonia is named La Vita Nuova. La Vita Nuova was the title of Dante Alighieri's 1283-1293 collection of prose and verse written at the dawn of the Italian language. It details a love story between his unnamed self and his unrequited lifelong love, Beatrice Portinari, ending with her death. "La Vita Nuova" was also the name of the final mission in Capcom's Devil May Cry 4.

Further notes

  • Every Episode's beginning features a quote from the poem, Veltro quote several passages in their speeches and some of the bosses are named after characters from it (e.g.: Malacoda is named after a demon).
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