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This is a listing of prime universe Umbrella Corporation employees. For listing of members in the Umbrella Security Service and Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, see their respective pages.


Name Known position/job title Branch Staffing location
Coleman, Charles Chief Secretary Umbrella Corporation Umbrella Headquarters
Igarashi, Akitaka Managing Director Umbrella Japan, Inc.
Allman, Joel Vice president Umbrella USA
Bailey, Brandon Research Center Director Umbrella Africa Research Center
Lauper, Douglas Head Umbrella Medical Equipment, North American division
O'Neal Umbrella Headquarters, International Investigation Department
P.T. Umbrella Headquarters, International Investigation Department
Roberto International Sales Division
Morpheus D. Duvall Umbrella Headquarters, R&D Division Paris Laboratory
Arving, Keith[1] Special Research Division, Room Manager Arklay Laboratory
Clemens, John[2][3] Chief researcher Arklay Laboratory
David[4] Arklay Laboratory
Elias[5] Security Arklay Laboratory
Eric Arklay Laboratory
"The Keeper"[6] Creature caretaker Arklay Laboratory
Cluckholm, Martin[7] Researcher Arklay Laboratory
Robert[8] Arklay Laboratory
Ross, S[9] Consultant Researcher Arklay Laboratory
Sarton, Henry[10] Arklay Laboratory
Scott[11] Security Arklay Laboratory
Smith, E Consultant Researcher Arklay Laboratory
Toleman, John Arklay Laboratory
Birkin, Annette NEST
Birkin, William Lead researcher of G-virus project Umbrella Pharmaceuticals NEST
Cartwright, Byron Senior Staff NEST
Frost Researcher NEST
Li, Wayne NEST
Baldwin, Linda Researcher Umbrella R&D Center
Mueller, Greg t-Virus Project team member, created Thanatos Umbrella R&D Center
Carter Researcher Umbrella R&D Center
Jenkins, Michael Researcher, associated with creating AT1521 Umbrella R&D Center


  • Spencer, Oswell E. ✝ - CEO of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Co-discoverer of Progenitor Virus
  • Ashford, Edward ✝ - Co-founder of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals
  • Marcus, James ✝ - Co-founder of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals; co-discoverer of Progenitor Virus

Important Researchers[]



USS Members[]

  • Rodriguez - Commander in the USS 2nd Squad (defected)

Undertaker Unit[]

Executive and Administration[]


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