Below is a list of subsidiary businesses owned by the Umbrella Corporation. Note that dummy corporations such as the one that experimented in the Arklays and Umbrella Russia either had their relationship covered-up or simply hidden from public knowledge. As such, they do not appear on the list. Divisions such as the USS were not economic in nature and administrated directly by Umbrella HQ in Europe, and so not warrant as entries.[1]


Subsidiary Established Location Details
Paraguas Line Company Late 1980s Mediterranean Sea Luxury cruise liner company conducting cross-Atlantic and Mediterranean voyages
Umbrella Europe Europe Holding company administering subsidiaries in Europe
Umbrella Industries Before 1998 Weapons development
Umbrella Japan Co., Ltd. 1980s Japan Holding company administering subsidiaries in Japan
Umbrella Medical Equipment Before 1998 International (had North American division) Medical research company
Umbrella Pharmaceuticals Late 1960s International Developing pharmaceutical products and bio-weaponry
Umbrella U.S.A. United States Holding company administering subsidiaries in the United States



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