Below is a complete list of awards that are earned for playing Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection. Awards have been separated into Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles sections for the benefit of gamers.

<tabber> Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles=

Name Image Description Trophy How to unlock
Man in 'Cuffs Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Man in 'Cuffs.png Meet a man in handcuffs. Bronze 64.png Meet Billy Coen in Train Derailment 1.
Thirsty For Blood Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Thirsty For Blood.png Defeat the blood thirsty monster. Bronze 64.png Complete Train Derailment 3.
Farewell to a Friend Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Farewell to a Friend.png Put a friend out of their misery. Bronze 64.png Kill Forest Speyer in Mansion Incident 1.
Tyrant Disposal Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Tyrant Disposal.png Take out the all powerful Tyrant. Bronze 64.png Complete Mansion Incident 3.
Big Guy Wants to Play Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Big Guy Wants to Play.png Turn the tables on the Pursuer. Silver 64.png Complete Raccoon's Destruction 3.
The Fruits of Ambition Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - The Fruits of Ambition.png Draw the curtain on Sergei's ambition. Bronze 64.png Complete Dark Legacy 2.
Taking One for the Team Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Taking One for the Team.png Witness a comrade's sacrifice. Bronze 64.png Complete Nightmare 2.
The Final Curtain Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - The Final Curtain.png Put an end to the secret organization. Silver 64.png Complete Umbrella's End 3.
Zombie Smack Down! Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Zombie Smack Down!.png Clear the special stage. Silver 64.png
Archive Collector Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Archive Collector.png Collect all archives. Silver 64.png
Love Those Weapons Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Love Those Weapons.png Find the treasure trove of weapons. Bronze 64.png
Master of Destruction Umbrella Chronicles Trophy icon - Master of Destruction.png Get the all powerful weapon. Gold 64.png

|-| Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles=

Name Image Description Trophy How to unlock
Angelic Voice Angelic Voice.png Hear the singing voice of a little girl. Bronze 64.png Encounter Manuela Hidalgo.
The Little Fugitive The Little Fugitive.png Save the little girl. Bronze 64.png Save Sherry Birkin.
What Research Holds In Store What Research Holds In Store.png Bring peace to the sad researcher. Bronze 64.png Defeat William Birkin.
Ninja Skills Ninja Skills.png Slip through the trap without a scratch. Bronze 64.png Complete a level without being injured at any point.
The Mad Queen Darkside Chronicles award - The Mad Queen.png Take out the queen ant. Bronze 64.png Defeat Alexia Ashford.
Bye-Bye, Mommy Bye-Bye, Mommy.png Recover a mother's instinct. Bronze 64.png Defeat Hilda Hidalgo.
Forbidden Power Forbidden Power.png Witness the end of one suffocated by power. Silver 64.png Defeat Javier Hidalgo.
Other Side of the Coin Other Side of the Coin.png Capture a glimpse into the changing mind of a comrade. Silver 64.png Complete the extra Operation Javier missions, where you play as Jack Krauser.
Tofu Smack Down! Tofu Smack Down!.png Clear the secret stage. Silver 64.png
Head Shot Freak Head Shot Freak.png Land at least 5 headshots in a row. Bronze 64.png
Professional Professional.png Clear all chapters on the hardest difficulty with an S rank. Gold 64.png
Archive Collector Archive Collector.png Collect all archives. Silver 64.png
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