Below listed are various easter eggs found in Resident Evil 2.

Raccoon City StreetsEdit


002 (2)

Leon passing Arukas

"Arukas" is the name of a store passed by the 'A'-scenario player on Flower Street at the start of the game. When the letters are reversed, they spell "Sakura". This referenced Sakura Kasugano, a character in Capcom's Street Fighter series.[1]


RE2 BalcAlley 06

The name Matsunami is written in Kanji and in Latin script at the billboard area. Yasuyuki Matsunami was a Resident Evil 2 background designer, and was involved in the redevelopment of the Raccoon Police Station.[2]

Police StationEdit

Camera damageEdit

Resident Evil 2 Easter Egg? or Secret shooting on camera

Resident Evil 2 Easter Egg? or Secret shooting on camera

At one point in Leon's A-game, Leon can fire in the direction of the screen with a shotgun. This will inflict damage on it. As well in the B scenario it will occur in the room where Ada "dies" the first time the player visit it after killing the Lickers.[3]


Hallway - REDRUM sign

The word "REDRUM", can be found on a boarded-window in the "Hallway" as red-painted graffiti. This is a reference to the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining, where Jack Nicholson's character smashes down a door with the same graffiti written on it. The word "REDRUM" can also be read as "MURDER" spelled backwards.[4]

Zombie BradEdit

Zombie Brad

To find the zombie in Resident Evil 2, the player must select the Normal difficulty and reach the Raccoon Police Station without picking up any items or weapons on Scenario A (Leon or Claire). The downside to this is that you will miss out on the Shotgun for Leon, or the Bowgun for Claire. You can also fight Brad in Scenario B, under the perquisite that you encountered him in Scenario A.

You receive a key for killing him that will allow you to change the costume of the player character. Claire will also be able to find a second handgun if you equip the cowgirl costume on her.

Police Station's Front GateEdit


During both Leon and Clarie's A Scenario, the player will be able to view this specific background. To view it in-game, the player will need to pick up at least one item before heading to the police station, and killing the two zombies that roam the scenic passageway. Once all of that has been completed, the player will be able to view the gate by clicking on the action button while facing the gate.

Film DEdit

Re2filmd lg

This photograph of S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca Chambers, titled "Film D". To find this egg the player would have to search Albert Wesker's desk fifty times in succession. While it has erroneously been claimed to have taken years for people to find,[5] RESEARCH ON BIOHAZARD 2 final edition mentioned it in 1998.[4]


Hunter cameoEdit

Hunter R - Resident Evil 2 N64

The Nintendo 64 port of the game includes a number of bonuses. One of these is a cameo appearance of a Hunter R, as identified in an Ex-file. The corpse of the sole Hunter in the game can be found in the B4F culture room. It wouldn't be until 2003 that a live Hunter 'R' could be fought in a game.



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