Self-referencing filmEdit

Outside Grill 13 lies a small movie theater. This theater is advertising a film entitled "Biohazard 4". The poster shows the American box art from the second game. This is a reference to the series, which is known as "Biohazard" in Japan. When Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released in 1999, early development of Resident Evil 4 was also going on; this became Devil May Cry, however.

Burger KongEdit

There are several advertising of Burger Kong, a fast food restaurant in Raccoon City; this is a nod to Burger King.

I love you, Shinji MikamiEdit

If one looks closely at the Exit button in the Epilogue, under it reads, very illegible, "I Love You, Shinji Mikami, Return to Menu!".

Dino CrisisEdit

A poster for Dino Crisis can be seen in the hospital lobby against the corpses of the Army Special Forces soldiers. Additionally you can wear Regina's outfit from the game complete with her red hair.


In the place where you will get the Fire Hose, you can see the word CAPCOM above the door.

Subliminal MessagesEdit

When getting the Future Compass (near the Grill 13 restaurant), you can read in the plaques, the words "SNAILIVIC TSUM EVOMER GOD TNEMERCXE" (Downsided) or when read backwards, it says "CIVILIANS MUST REMOVE DOG EXCREMENT". It is believed that this might have been a sign recycled from the beta version of the game, or just a joke from the developers. You can also read the "full" version of that message after you've exited the warehouse (the place with sitting zombie). The message says "DOGS, BE ON LEASH AND OWNERS MUST REMOVE DOG EXCREMENT."


A poster in the Y-shaped alley reads:

  "Big E concert:
September 30th.
Starts at 7:30 PM."

Someone mentioned this (from here):
"The game was set in September of '98, and was release in Japan in '99. I'm assuming it's a reference to the Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie as a tribute to him."

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