This is a list of easter eggs that can be found in Resident Evil 5.

List Edit

  • Agitator Majini in Chapter 1-1.
  • Rocky Balboa reference in Chapter 1-2.
  • Double Chainsaw from Resident Evil 4 in Chapter 2-1.
  • Toilet in Chapter 2-2.
  • Chair 1 - sit down in Chapter 5-3.
  • Chair 2 - sit down in Chapter 6-3.
  • Fox News in Chapter 6-2.
  • Resident Evil retro perspective in Lost in Nightmares.

Dead Rising Edit

There is a list of deceased people that can be found during one of the campaigns. The name "Frank" and "Isabela" are on the list. It is a reference to Frank West and Isabela Keyes from Capcom's Dead Rising series.

The Kenniston Express sign in Chapter 1-1 and 1-2.

Paula Hopkins reference in Chapter 2-1.


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