Live Selection (ライブセレクション Live Selection) is a feature exclusive to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in which the player must select an action within a cutscene to continue the storyline. Either option will advance the story, but will affect the progression of events later on. The quick time events of later games would abandon the multiple options and focus strictly on the player's survival.

The player will be asked to make a decision at least nine times during the course of the game. If the player selects nothing before the time is up, the game will force a choice usually at the consequence of extra damage.


The RPDEdit

The Nemesis-T Type injures Brad Vickers in front of the Raccoon Police Station before turning on Jill.

Localization Original Script
Fight with the monster. 「追跡者と戦う」
Enter the police station. 「署内に逃げ込む」

If Jill stays to fight, the S.T.A.R.S. Card can be obtained early from Brad's body to get faster access to the computer in the main hall. Nemesis can be defeated, and if playing on Hard Mode, this will cause him to drop the first of the seven items. Nemesis can also be avoided, making it possible to pick up Brad's S.T.A.R.S. Card and run for the doors.

Entering the police station avoids the fight at the cost of having to find Jill's S.T.A.R.S. card in the building to gain access to the computer.

If either decision isn't chosen in time, Nemesis will attack Jill, weakening her before she has to make the decision herself.


Grill 13Edit

Nemesis confronts Jill and Carlos Oliveira at the Restaurant. This occurs if Jill explores the restaurant before The Raccoon Press.

Localization Original Script
Run into the basement. 「地下へ逃込む」
Hide inside the kitchen. 「食堂へ隠れる」

Running into the basement will cause Nemesis to burst the water pipes and flood the corridor. Escape is possible through a ventilation shaft at the other end of the basement, which is out of view. They will talk for a little, and zombies will interrupt the conversation. Nemesis will stalk Jill through the area, even inside the Raccoon Press. Also, this decision affects the story, causing Jill to meet Carlos at the sales office and Nikolai Zinoviev at the gas station. Waiting for too long will make Carlos and Jill climb the ladder, forcing a Nemesis fight. It is impossible to drown. The game will end if either of them dies during the fight.

Hiding inside the kitchen has Jill throw an oil lamp at Nemesis, knocking him out and buying her and Carlos enough time to flee. He will also drop an item on Hard Mode. After a few seconds have passed, Nemesis will get up and stalk Jill. This decision ensures Carlos will be encountered at the gas station, and Nikolai at the sales office.

If either decision isn't chosen, Jill and Carlos will have to fight Nemesis immediately. Like before, the game will end if either of them dies while fighting Nemesis.

Raccoon PressEdit

Nemesis confronts Jill and Carlos at The Raccoon Press. This event happens if Jill visits this location before the restaurant.

Localization Original Script
Jump out of the window. 「窓から飛び出す」
Hide in the back. 「奥に隠れる」

The choice has more or less the same consequences as the one in the Grill 13.

Hiding in the back causes Carlos to appear at the gas station and Nikolai at the sales office, along with making it easy to obtain an item from Nemesis if playing on Hard Mode, due to him being knocked out in the office by an explosion in an adjacent room.

Jumping out of the window makes it the other way around, but you will also get access to a back street that you cannot access otherwise, which contains two red herbs.

Regardless of the decision, Jill will have to fight Nemesis sooner or later.

Sub StationEdit

After finding the fuse for the cable car, or the Magnum/Grenade Launcher, zombies try to break down the door to get Jill.

Localization Original Script
Head to the emergency exit. 「非常口に向かう」
Increase electricity output. 「送電器の出力を上げる」

If Jill heads to the emergency exit, Nemesis will appear outside and kill some of the zombies that are in the way before coming down to fight Jill. He will use 2 missiles from his Rocket Launcher, so he will be left with just 3 remaining to use to attack Jill, making the battle somewhat easier because of this. Nemesis will stalk Jill even in the Sub-Station if she decides to go again inside to get the Magnum / Grenade Launcher.

If the output is increased the zombies knocking on the fence will get a fatal electric shock. This overloads the station completely, changing the values of the electricity machine and making the puzzle of the shutters a bit different. It is still possible to obtain the Magnum / Grenade Launcher after opening the remaining shutter and looking for it in the room.

If either decision isn't chosen, the zombies will break in and have to be killed in order to escape. This will also ensure that Nemesis won't appear until having obtained the Oil Additive.

Garage EarthquakeEdit

An earthquake occurs on the way back to the cable car after obtaining the Oil Additive. Jill almost falls down the hole, and crates from inside a van start to slide toward her.

Localization Original Script
Climb up. 「よじ昇る」
Jump down. 「飛び降りる」

Both options see Jill unharmed and there is no story significance with this choice. The only difference is that jumping down gains access to a small underground passage which has sliding worms. Climbing the ladder at the end returns the player to the street outside the garage by a dead UBCS soldier.

If either decision isn't chosen, Jill will be hit by the crates, causing damage and forcing her down into the underground passage.

Cable CarEdit

After Mikhail's sacrifice, the cable car is about to be derailed due to the explosion.

Localization Original Script
Jump out of the window. 「窓から飛び出す」
Use the emergency brake. 「非常ブレーキを押す」

If Jill jumps out of the window, she will enter the clock tower through the back door, Carlos will give to Jill some freeze rounds for the Grenade Launcher in the main hall, and the fight with Nemesis after the clock tower bell is rung sees him fully armed with his Rocket Launcher.

If Jill uses the emergency brake she will enter the tower from the front courtyard. Carlos will not give Jill ammo, but will appear at the start of the Nemesis fight and destroy his rocket launcher before being knocked out, making Nemesis unable to use it.

If either decision isn't chosen, the cable car will crash and Jill will be flung into the clock tower front courtyard, suffering damage from the crash. The story will play out as if Jill used the emergency brake.



Nemesis confronts Jill at the balcony of the clock tower after solving the music box puzzle.

Localization Original Script
Use the light. 「ライトを使う」
Use the cord. 「電源コードを使う」

If Jill uses the light, Nemesis will be blinded and pushed from the balcony by Jill. He won't stalk her, but she won't get an item from him either.

If Jill uses the cord, an electric shock will knock Nemesis unconscious, allowing Jill to get an item from him without having to fight. However, he will stalk her when she leaves the balcony.

If either decision isn't chosen, Jill has to either fight Nemesis on the balcony or flee.

Raccoon ParkEdit

River BridgeEdit

Nemesis confronts Jill on an old bridge at the entrance of the Disused Plant.

Localization Original Script
Push him off. 「突き落とす」
Jump off. 「飛び降りる」

This choice directly impacts the ending of the game.

If Nemesis is pushed off the bridge, Jill enters the factory on the top floor and meets Carlos in the safe room. Nikolai will be killed by Nemesis in the end, and Jill and Carlos will take the chopper to leave the city before it is destroyed.

If Jill jumps off, she will enter the factory via the sewers where she's rescued from zombies by Carlos. Nikolai will steal the remaining chopper, but Jill and Carlos will be saved by Barry Burton. It should be noted, that this choice is canon.

If either decision isn't chosen, Nemesis will hit Jill and send her into the rocks below, causing damage. The story will play out as if Jill jumped off the bridge.

Disused PlantEdit


This live selection only occurs if Jill jumped or was pushed off the bridge. Nikolai appears in a helicopter and attacks Jill with the helicopter machine guns.

Localization Original Script
Negotiate with Nikolai. 「ニコライと無線で話をする」
Return fire to the chopper. 「ヘリに応戦する」

The first option will make Jill try to reason with Nikolai unsuccessfully before he will eventually fly away.

The other option sees Jill fight Nikolai until the helicopter is destroyed, killing him in the process. Alternatively, Jill can take cover until Nikolai bids her farewell and flies away.

If either decision isn't chosen, Nikolai will fire a rocket at Jill, causing damage before the fight happens.

Final battle with NemesisEdit

After destroying Nemesis in his third and final form, his remnants will still try to hinder Jill's escape.

Localization Original Script
Exterminate the monster. 「追ってきた怪物にとどめを刺す」
Ignore it and evacuate. 「無視してエレベーターで脱出する」

"You want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!"
— Jill's famous line when choosing to exterminate the monster.

Choosing to exterminate the monster, Jill takes revenge on Nemesis by destroying him once and for all. Time does not stand still during this cutscene. If done with the missile close to hitting Raccoon City, the game will end.

The other option causes Jill to leave the room immediately. Nemesis dies either to his injuries or the missile strike.

If either decision isn't chosen, Nemesis will successfully attack Jill one last time, poisoning her, before he dies.


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