Liz's Death (リズの死 Rizu no shi?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Leon Chapter 1, the first level of the "Leon Story".


Leon and Helena help Liz and her father into the elevator and take it down to the parking garage. On the way, Liz wheezes badly and passes away. Her father cries in anguish. Suddenly, the power goes out. The sound of someone munching on something is then heard....


Liz's Father: "It's going to be OK, Lizzie. You're going to be OK."
Liz: "Dad..."
Liz's Father: "We're almost there!
Helena Harper: "The power."

Liz's Father: 「大丈夫だぞ リズ」
Liz: 「パパ...」
Liz's Father: 「もう少しだ…頑張れ」
Helena Harper: 「停電…?」



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