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Liz's Father was one of the victims of the Tall Oaks bioterror incident, infected by the C-Virus at Ivy University.


When the bioterrorists struck, the man stayed behind to look for his daughter, Liz. According to him, his wife and son, Liam already left for home. He was found by DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper of the Secret Service while walking through the party venue, catching up with him not far away from the kitchen.

Upon hearing the distant scream of a young woman, the man instinctively knew that it was his daughter. Helena reluctantly agreed with Leon to help search for Liz. His reunion with his daughter was short-lived. After escaping into an elevator, she succumbed to the virus and killed him.

Given that he was coughing an extreme amount and suffering from shortness of breath before Liz killed him, it was likely that he was already infected and would have soon turned, even without Liz killing him.



  1. This character is named "Robert" in the BradyGames strategy guide, though no name has been confirmed by Capcom Japan so far. Officially, he's referred to as "university staff member" (大学職員 daigaku shokuin?).
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