DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Lloyd Jefferson "L.J." Wayne was a member of Claire Redfield's convoy, a band of refugees who traveled across the wastelands of the former United States in search of food and fuel after the 2002 global T-virus pandemic.


Lloyd spent much of his early life as a minor criminal, selling cannabis to people who had just been laid-off from work and needed to think about other things. He preferred this to any major crimes because his actions were normally too insignificant for the police to bother charging him with; Lloyd only managed to be imprisoned once and for only six months. The police did find use for him, however. Officer Junior Bunk was extorting him regularly, keeping him out of jail in turn for a share in L.J.'s income. He was also frequently arrested as a way for the police to obtain information on other criminals without it looking suspicious.[1]

Raccoon City outbreakEdit

When the T-virus began sweeping throughout Raccoon City, L.J. initially refused to accept the initial acts of cannibalistic violence, viewing them instead as "crazy-white-folk shit". He continued his day regardless, fleecing money from tourists with a crooked card game. This was until a friend of his, Dwayne, interrupted the game by biting one of L.J.'s customers. Despite the violence, L.J. was arrested over the game by one of the customers, an undercover cop and taken to the Raccoon City Police Department. L.J. repeatedly protested the necessity for his arrest in such a crisis, but wasn't taken seriously even when he pointed out that an arrested rioter was in fact a zombie who went on to bite the arresting officer. The nearby police sergeant, Quinn, refused to provide him with weapons to help out and left him with a prostitute, Rashonda, to go deal with the zombies. L.J. was familiar with Rashonda, and his attempts to say hello led to her trying to attack him, her also being a zombie.[1]

Further notesEdit

L.J. never carried his trademark Desert Eagles like he did in the movie. Instead he carried Uzis. Between that and the third novel, he had lost the Uzis and had his arsenal replaced with an unknown variant of the Beretta handgun.


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