The Loading screens in Resident Evil 5 appear only during the start of a game mode and when traveling into a new area, usually done by using the Partner Action Button on a door. On Versus and The Mercenaries modes, there is only one loading possible which is at the start of the match. Loading screens will also appear when watching cutscenes via the main menu option.

The text within is always randomly taken from the History of RESIDENT EVIL file regardless of the game mode being played.


Preview Information
RE5 Loadingscreen1
RE5 Loadingscreen2
RE5 Loadingscreen3
RE5 Loadingscreen4
RE5 Loadingscreen5
RE5 Loadingscreen6
RE5 Loadingscreen7
RE5 Loadingscreen8
RE5 Loadingscreen9
RE5 Loadingscreen10
RE5 Loadingscreen11
RE5 Loadingscreen12
RE5 Loadingscreen13
RE5 Loadingscreen14
RE5 Loadingscreen15
RE5 Loadingscreen16
RE5 Loadingscreen17

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