Loading screens are simple pop-up screens found in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which are often seen if the player dies or restarts in a certain area. They often display tips on certain enemies and bosses in the game, or display a continuation of the story from where the player left off, alongside an image of either a location, item, enemy or character in the game. Certain tips will be displayed based on the player's progress through each game mode.



Display condition Information
Guest House
"She's Alive

Ethan's wife, Mia, has been missing for three years when he receives a sudden message from her. The message leads him to an abandoned house where he enters to find out what really happened to his wife.
Guest House
"The Woman on the Phone

Something is seriously wrong with Mia and she attacks Ethan shortly after they reunite. A woman on the phone tells Ethan to head for the attic. She says her name is Zoe, but gives no more information.
Main House
"Time for Supper

Ethan wakes to find himself tied to a chair at the dinner table of a strange and disturbing family. He's able to get away with a little luck, but he's still not out of this yet.
Main House
"Hope for Escape

After shaking Jack off, Ethan receives another call from Zoe. She tells him there may be a way for him to get out through the main hall. He just need to get there first.
Main House
"The Way Out

After an intense encounter in the garage, Ethan has found a way to the main hall, but the door to the outside is locked. It needs more than just a normal key to open.
"The Serum

Ethan has finally made it outside after another deadly struggle with Jack. Zoe says that they need a serum in order to make it out of there alive. Ethan sets out for the old house near the swamp to find some.
Old House
"Strange Ingredients

After searching the old house, Ethan finds out that to make a serum he needs two ingredients: a D-Series head and an arm. Zoe says she has the head, so Ethan must find the arm in the old house.
Wrecked Ship
"Wrecked Ship

Mia walks the debris ridden landscape and finds Ethan lying on the ground, but he's taken away suddenly by a giant, black blob. She then follows after into the wrecked ship.
Salt Mines

Mia finds and frees Ethan from his restraints, but history repeats itself and Ethan must again say goodbye to his wife. He then sets off to find Eveline, the source of it all, and stop her.


Display condition Information
"Examining Objects
You can examine certain objects by approaching them and pressing (interact button). Some objects can be examined in detail.
Open the map by pressing (map button). Maps will show you which areas you haven't visited yet in the area covered by the map.
You can consume Herbs as-is to recover some health, or combine items with something else to create the more potent First Aid Meds.
"Item Box
The Number of items you can carry is limited. Place items you don't need right way into an Item Box. You can only get them back from any Item Box you find.
"First Aid Meds
Press Key-BtnR1 to use a First Aid Med. Weak First Aid Meds will be used first.
Guest House
"Fighting Mia
Mia is dangerous when she goes berserk. Do whatever it takes to stop her.
Guest House
"Items in the Attic
Search the attic and you may find some useful items like ammo and healing items.
Main House
"Jack's Pursuit
Hiding in the shadows and keeping quiet is a good way to keep Jack off your back.

Not a Hero

Display condition Information
Initial loading screen Operation: Lurking Fear

Chris Redfield is a high-profile BSAA member who has resolved many bioterrorism crisis over his lengthy career. Now the new Umbrella, reborn as a PMC, has asked for his assistance in capturing Lucas Baker.

Initial loading screen (Professional Mode) Professional Difficulty Mode

Dare you enter the mine armed with nothing more than a knife? The enemies are tougher. Your skills will be tested to their limits. You'll need to use weapons wisely and knock back enemy attacks if you're going to put a stop to Lucas Baker once and for all.

After Lucas straps a bomb on Chris' arm Resume Pursuit

Lucas, dressed as a downed soldier, straps a bomb to Chris' arm and kills one of the missing advance unit soldiers. Chris has a feeling Lucas will be more trouble than he originally thought.

Obtaining the High-Grade Filter High-Grade Filter

Chris makes it into the cell only to see his comrade brutally murdered by Lucas. Now that he has the enhanced filter, he can enter heavily-contaminated areas, but what awaits him among the clouds of spores?

Obtaining the Night Vision Device Into the Darkness

Chris grabs the night vision device and makes it out of the storage area alive. Now he must enter deeper, darker recesses of the mine.

Strapped bomb timer starts Countdown

The bomb of Chris' arm is activated and the countdown has begun. He must now use what little time he has left to find a way to stop it.

After deactivating the bomb Resume Pursuit

The advanced unit has been wiped out by Lucas, but Chris finds a way to deactivate the bomb on his arm and avoids the same fate. Chris now heads into the shield machine to find Lucas.

Spotting Lucas Lucas Sighted

For once, Chris has gotten the drop on Lucas. Lucas flees deeper into the facility, but he couldn't have gone far. The end is near.


If there are three turrets on the horizon, it's probably better to just look for a safer path.

Getting by Traps

Saving your fellow soldier while traps are still active is dangerous. Look around and try to find a way to deactivate them first.


Grenades are good for taking down multiple enemies in a large area. Wait for your enemies to be close together for maximum effectiveness.

Mutated Lucas

When Lucas' life is in serious danger, he will go even more berserk. Do as much damage as you can when his vulnerable innards are exposed.

Banned Footage

Display condition Information
Initial Loading Screen (Bedroom) Awakening

Clancy wakes to the musty stink of unwashed linen. Where the hell is this? Why is he on bed? It takes a moment for the truth to hit: It wasn't just a nightmare. That woman caught him, and shoved something strong-smelling under his nose.

Initial Loading Screen (Daughters) Rainstorm at the Baker Farm

Three years ago, the Bakers were like any other family. They had just finished a family dinner, listening to the raindrops hammering against the window panes as they ate. A moment of peace and quiet---their last for some time.

Attic (Daughters) Lucas' Password

Lucas' laptop is password-protected. But knowing his half-assed approach to things, he might have used the same password on other devices. If only you could catch him using the password somewhere else...

Kid's Room (Daughters) Lucas' Trophy

Lucas has modified his trophy to be some kind of a switch, but there's a hole where the button should be. It's somewhere around the house so leave no stone unturned.

? (Daughters) Lock Picks

There may be more than one lock that can be picked.

? (Daughters) Rope

You can use the rope to tie certain doors shut.

Main Hall (Daughters) Lighting Your Way

Use Key-BtnR2 to flick the lighter on or off. Having the lighter on will make it easier to see the way ahead, but it will also attract enemies. Use it with care.

Initial Loading Screen (Nightmare) The Escape Ends Here

Clancy tried his best, but couldn't outrun Jack. Dragged to the basement staircase and thrown inside, Clancy is still gagged on the mold-choked air as Jack slams the door on his escape, saying: "You just sit right now... I've got some friends I want you to meet."

Initial Loading Screen (21) Captured

Hounded by the Bakers, Clancy runs through an open door in the yard and finds himself stumbling through mannequins and rooms madly dashed in white. What kind of freak would build all of this? Clancy's answer comes a moment later. "Think you're lucky? We'll see about that!" Struck from behind, he blacks out...


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