"Though they look rather plain, this brand is famous for making easy to polish loafers. Function over form. "
George Hamilton, upon examining this item.

The Loafers (ローファー Rōfā?, Loafers) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The Loafers are found in the Witness Interrogation Room, on the table after pushing it. It is found in the Desperate times scenario by George exclusively on EASY difficulty. On NORMAL and HARDMark will find the "Criminal Mind", and on VERY HARD, the Expense Report will be found instead, making it one of the few locations in the game to have three special items in a single.


This item is exclusive to George, and is one of five items required to unlock his second alternative costume, Operation X. The other components are; Exam SetSuper StethoscopeO. R. Scrubs and Space-age T-shirt.



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