Lockout is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played immediately after "Linda and Rodriguez - Tension", the opening scene to "end of the road".


David King saves Dr. Carter from a Zombie at the Umbrella R&D Center. Dr. Linda Baldwin arrives, and is almost struck by King before realising she is not infected.


David: "You alright, buddy?"
Carter: "Yeah... thank you."
Carter: "Wait a second! She's human!"
Linda: "Carter"

David: "大丈夫か?"
Carter: "ああ…た、助かったよ"
Carter: "待て!仲間だよ"
Linda: "カーター"

Further notes

In the original script, Carter refers to Linda as a colleague when he recognises her. He instead says "She's human!" in the localization.



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