The Long Pole is a 5-foot broom handle can be swung in a wide arc to strike enemies at close range, It will have a high chance to cause the target to stagger backwards.

Long poles can be used for 5 times before it breaks into a wooden pole (the structural points vary in Network mode lasting randomly 5 to 10 times).

It's a weapon that should be used to save ammo, since is one of the weakest in the game, having a basic attack of 50 hp, but it causes double damage to Suspended and Giant Leech bosses.

  • David can combine the long pole and the Butcher Knife with some of his vinyl tape to make a spear. (A successful creation consumes 1 tape inside David's Tool Belt)
  • It is a thrusting weapon, meaning its attacks are slower than swinging weapons like Iron Pipes. However, its thrusts will not accidentally hit walls, cancelling the attack.
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