The Longbow is an unlockable weapon in Resident Evil 5. It appears similar to traditional Bushman bows.


"This weapon is for Sheva only. A highly effective weapon in terms of damage. It comes with an unlimited supply of arrows."

The Longbow is an exclusive weapon to Sheva Alomar and is available after fully upgrading the S75 (RIF), completing the game once (any difficulty), and buying it for ₦50,000. The Longbow is a very unique weapon in that it has no targeting laser or aiming cursor whatsoever; instead players must rely on physics to determine the correct angle of the shot. It also has unlimited ammunition.

The Longbow is a very powerful weapon once the player has gotten used to it. It inflicts 1500 damage per hit, this weapon can drop sub-bosses with ease.

Due to this weapon's lack of any formal targeting system, it can be frustrating to use without practice. The best place to practice with this weapon is on chapter 1-1, when you first encounter the horde of the majini.

Sheva as an AI will be an excellent shot with the weapon. However, it would be advised to take away any guns you don't want her to use due to her tendency to switch away from the Longbow.

The weapon is part of Sheva's loadout in her Tribal costume in the Mercenaries minigame.


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