Lord Spencer's study (スペンサー卿の書斎?) is a room on the east wing of the Spencer Mansion.


When first entering the study, it is dark and there isn't any light. When the lamp that is on the table is turned on however, the study is lit up with light and can be further examined. The study has a bookshelf on the west side of the room while a dresser remains on the east and the walls have a striped pattern. There is a desk at the end of the room which shows items strewn about on it as well as construction sketches of the mansion above the desk. There is also tears in the wallpaper, making the study seem worn out and old. There are two rectangular windows in the far left and right corners of the study with curtains hanging over them. The chair is pulled out from the under the desk as if someone was leaving in a hurry.

In the 2002 remake, the room bears a similar design but is altered for the most part. The study has more bookshelves and no dresser, The windows are changed as well with them being mysteriously open and the desk has items neatly placed with a table next to it with a telephone placed on top of the table.



In either Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine's scenario, after switching the lamp on players can examine the west bookshelf to find the Doom Book 1 and when examined, the Medal of Eagle can be found. They can also find magnum rounds on the desk next to the lamp. In Arranged Mode, players can find an Magneto-optical disk instead of the Eagle Medal when examining the Doom Book Vol. 1.


In both Jill Valentine/Chris Redfield's scenario, after the players switch the lamp on they can find the Metal Object sitting on the bookcase of the west wall. They can also find shotgun shells on the table next to the desk. For Jill, a battery pack can be found on the bookcase on the west wall. For Chris, a flash grenade can be found on the bookcase of the west wall.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Looking on the window I can only see moonlight and dense forest.
Checking the shelf (The light turn off) It's too dark to see anything.
Checking the shelf (The light turn on) Nothing uncommon.
The light switch There's a switch. Will you push it? Yes/No




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