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Los Angeles is a city in California visited by Alice and Claire Redfield.


The home of survivors, Luther West, Angel Ortiz, Bennett, Kim Yong, Crystal Waters and Wendell, Los Angeles is among the many cities in the United States devastated by the global outbreak of the T-Virus. The second largest city in the states, Los Angeles quickly became overrun and overpopulated by the undead. Even five years after the event, the fires within the city continued to burn, polluting the environment. As Alice flies through the city, she passes the skyline of Los Angeles which has been devastated and is burning.

Arriving from Alaska, Alice and Claire discover the only stronghold that remained in the city was the prison, the only building untouched by the cataclysm. At some point in time the undead slowly began to gather and surround the prison, trying and failing breech its gates. A group of highly mutated Undead began to tunnel underneath the prison as a means to enter the building.

Before the city's eventual collapse, the United States military was sent to the prison to evacuate the prisoners, utilizing it as a stronghold. However, as the situation began to deteriorate, the prisoners were released from their cells and used to fight against the growing number of Undead. When the army pulled out, one of their men (Chris Redfield) was ambushed by the fleeing prisoners and left to die in a cell.

Upon Alice and Claire's arrival, the survivors discovered "Arcadia" was a wandering ship presently docked in the Los Angeles harbor and presumably derelict. When the survivors escape from the prison, they reached the ship where they located over two thousand survivors trapped by Umbrella and in the hands of Albert Wesker. However, shortly after defeating Wesker and taking control of the ship, it came under attack by Umbrella forces led by a mind-controlled Jill Valentine and everyone was either captured or killed, including Alice who was taken to Umbrella Prime.

Notable Locations

  • The Hollywood Sign - One of Los Angeles' most well-known attractions, now burned and ruined.
  • Citadel Correctional Facility- A maximum security prison where the survivors barricaded themselves.
  • Union Bank - A large bank Alice passes as she flies over the city.
  • Arcadia - A large Umbrella-operated ship. It's original settled location was in Alaska.



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