Los Illuminados Monk from Alliance

"Los Illuminados Monk" is an Infected card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. He is a weak Infected with only 15 Health and hits for 20 Damage if the Exploring player fails to defeat him. However, this effect makes him especially dangerous. His effect states that he gains +5 Health and +5 Damage for every Infected the Exploring Main Character has attached to them. Potentially, Los Illuminados Monk can become the most powerful Infected in the entire game. For example, a player could have 16 Infected attached at the time LIM is revealed, which gives him +80 in each stat. Now he has 95 Health and hits for 100 Damage. Additionally, with the Action card Uroboros Injection (AC-018), his Health can be increased to 130. Regardless of his stats at the time he is defeated, he is only worth 3 Decorations.

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