Lost in Nightmares is a story-based DLC for Resident Evil 5, set during a previous mission hinted at in a flashback from that game. It is about 1 hour in length, depending on the difficulty and experienced players can beat it in under 30 minutes. It is, all together, one chapter filled with classic puzzles and moments calling back to the first Resident Evil. This add-on in its initial release cost 400 Microsoft Points for download on Xbox LIVE or $4.99/£3.99/€4.99 on the PlayStation Network. It was also included in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and remastered re-release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 along with all of the other extra DLC.


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The BSAA receive a tip-off on the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Oswell E. Spencer. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are assigned to raid his estate and arrest the elderly man in the hopes he will have information on where to find Albert Wesker.

After breaking into the estate, Chris and Jill see that the entirety of Spencer's security is dead and are forced to relive old memories as they make their way through traps and puzzles that are harrowingly similar to those of the Spencer Mansion.

Combating multiple Blobs that roam the estate, they finally reach Spencer's office, but are instead confronted by the sight of Spencer's corpse and none other than Albert Wesker standing over his body. Chris and Jill waste no time in trying to apprehend Wesker, but their efforts are of little success due to Wesker's superhuman speed and strength and they are easily overpowered. Wesker finally prepares to deliver a blow that would end Chris' life. Seeing what is about to happen, Jill without hesitation makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Chris' life by selflessly lunging at Wesker and sending them both through a window and over the side of a cliff. Chris can do nothing but watch helplessly as his partner falls to her apparent death.


This extra chapter is not accessible from the start of the game. It becomes unlocked after Chapter 3-1 has been completed in the campaign.

The scenario can be played in single player or in local or online co-op. It also features a scoreboard with worldwide rankings based on performance in the scenario as well as collection items.

Chris and Jill can be selected to play as, and the four difficulty settings from campaign -Easy, Normal, Veteran, Professional - are also selectable settings, with Professional unlocked after beating Veteran. Difficulty effects how much damage is taken, how many Blob monsters can spawn in the Spencer Estate and are required to continue pass the basement, the movement speed of Blobs. Professional will rearrange the key items in the basement and remove Blob icons from the mini map.



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This takes place three years prior to RE5, and details the events of the flashback seen in the game.

You start off being able to choose between Amateur, Normal, and Veteran. After beating it, you unlock the ability to play as Jill on solo mode. After beating it on Veteran, you unlock Pro.


After the opening cutscene, you'll be inside a mansion. You can actually examine the front doors three times to switch to the classic camera of the old RE games, although it doesn't last the entire chapter.

First things first, go around the area and collect the items here. There are several vases on the left side of the room, two of which contain handgun bullets and one has a score star in it. On the right side of the foyer are three more vases: two contain score stars, and one has handgun bullets. Underneath the stairs is an area where a crank is needed, so you'll be coming back to that. By the light on the wall is a star to shoot. Pull the lever here to unlock the two gated doors upstairs.

Head up the staircase and go right and inside the door. Follow the corridor through another door at the end, which leads to a bedroom. There's handgun bullets in here, as well as a document to read, which will also get you Password 3. Leave this room and note the star you can shoot as you do so. Out on the second story of the main foyer, run across the walkway and pick up the handgun bullets. Send Jill over to the other side and she'll retrieve a shotgun and then open the dining room door downstairs.

Make sure to grab the handgun bullets from one of the dead bodies and then head to the main floor, and through the doors of the dining room. Go left through the small opening and read the document here to receive Password 1. Now go to the other end of the dining room, by the fireplace, and through the door to the left of it. There's a small room with a urinal that you can grab a red herb from before heading up the stairs. Head through the door up here and read the document. Grab the green herb and handgun bullets and then have the piano played.

When the wall opens up, go inside and grab the Centaur emblem from the wall. Depending on the difficulty, you may or may not face a bodyguard enemy outside of this room when you go outside. Either way, head downstairs, through the corridor, through the dining room, and back into the main foyer. Cross over to the other side of the room and insert the emblem onto the door and head through it. Make your way through the corridor and have Jill unlock the locked door at the end of one turn. Inside there are four documents to read and a computer. You need three passwords but you only have two so far.

Exit this room and continue along the hall the way you were going, and head through the door. There's two incendiary grenades and two hand grenades in the middle area of the room, and on the other side of the room is a magnum, as well as heat-sensitive paper. There's also a door here that you can't open from this side. Now, remember the fireplace in the dining room? Go there and use it on the paper to get Password 2. Now that you have all three, make your way back to the computer and use them. Read the document and then a new area will open. Head through it and then Jill will push you out.

Leave this room quickly and head down the corridor to the room where you found the heat-sensitive paper, and go to the door you couldn't get open. Try to open it and then Jill will shoot the lock off. Once she does so, head inside and pull the lever to stop the spikes. There's also a star here to shoot on the ceiling, as well as one in the room with the spike trap (along with a couple of items). Once again, depending on your difficulty, a bodyguard enemy may or may not show up. Also in the spiked room is an item you have to get: the crank. Now head back to the area under the stairs in the main foyer and use it to reach the new area.


Head through the passage and through the metal door at the end. Move down the stairs and jump into the hole in the ground. You'll be in a type of prison area. Descend the stairs and go into the left open cell and break the barrel at the end for some ammo. Head out of the opening next to you and shoot the star next to the corpse in the other cell. Go into the next opening and break the crate for a hand grenade. Now head left and you can spot a bodyguard enemy on the upper floor. In an opening to the left is a barrel with a score star inside. Now follow the main prison passage straight and at the end is some stairs.

Up here you'll encounter the enemy, so take it out (it drops a score star when you kill it). In the first cell on the right is a score star to shoot. There's also a barrel up here and more stairs to go down. You'll see a barrel at the end of the passage so break it and you may encounter another bodyguard. Go through the opening and head up the circular stairs (watching out for a bodyguard here as well). At the top, use the crank (or have your partner do it) and grab the Jail key from the chest. Backtrack just a little and use the key on the metal door, then jump down the opening. Move forward and jump across the gap to reach the barrel with ammo inside.

At the top is an indentation that needs two pieces. Go down the stairs on the right side (there will be a star to shoot at the bottom in front of you) and then move along to reach a treasure chest with the silver crest in it. Keep going and turn left when you can and assist a jump so that Jill can grab the gold crest from the chest up top. Now go back to the top of the area and insert both crests into their rightful place. And...now you'll fall down a hole and will lose all your equipment. Break the barrel and crate near you for a flash grenade and a first aid spray. Follow the path and break the barrel for a score star.

The Maze

In this area, the map will be your best friend, because it can get quite confusing. Because of that, this may not be explained extremely well, but I'll do my best. The area with the flashing yellow circle is where the puzzle you have to solve is. The big green triangle indicates the bodyguard enemy. When you come to the red square, go on it and to the other side (back into the water) for a crate with a flash grenade. Climb back up onto the platform and then climb up again to a higher area in which there's a barrel and a red crank. Around this time, Jill should be able to find you, so go back down and use the crank in its place right by the red room. The idea here is to use the crank to pick up the spiked platform, lure the enemy into it (and make sure you're not under them), and then have them drop. This will be done several times.

Pick up the shard and place it in the circle. Each time you do this, a new area will be reachable. Head down from the red room and follow the passage until you have to jump over a railing (you'll be going on the far side of the map, toward the green room). The blue crank will be in a chest here. Now head back to the main area and go to where the blue room is behind metal bars. Insert the crank and do the same thing as before. Grab the new slate and insert it into its rightful place. Now it's time to find the green room. Go to it, get up on the platform, then lift yourself up higher and get the green crank from the chest and the flash grenade from the barrel. You know what to do.

The purple crank can be found in a chest sort of in between the purple and green rooms. It's a square room that two different passages lead to. Follow the map to figure out how to lure them into these two rooms since it's a bit more complicated. After you've gotten all four slates, unlock the gate and head up the ladder. Ascend the stairs, and then you'll find two handguns and a first aid spray. Go into the long corridor for a cutscene, then the boss fight with Wesker.

Boss Fight

There are some handgun bullets around the room if you want to get them. You basically have to wait him out while dodging, but you can also do enough damage to earn a trophy. He'll do a charge occasionally, and you'll either have to dodge his attack, or help your partner to prevent them from being hit. At times when you get hit, you'll have to move around the joystick to recover.

Once the fight is over, so is the campaign and this will unlock a cutscene.

Further notes

  • If one looks closely at a score star, the words 'The African Star' can be read. This is strange as Chris and Jill are in Europe. It could be that African Stars were originally going to feature in the main game before being replaced by the BSAA emblems.
  • After getting the Heat-sensitive paper you can hear metal material falling to the floor. When searching the room there is no evidence of what made the sound. In Veteran and Professional modes a Blob can be found in this area after completing the spike ceiling trap room. The sound could be a reference to it, as it resembles the sound of his weapon hitting the ground.
  • If the player returns to the Dining Room right after the Centaur emblem has already been retrieved and used on the door to the hallway, piano music can be heard coming up from the piano room. However, if the player goes up to investigate, the room will still remain empty.
    • There is a similar occurrence in Resident Evil 6 during the first chapter of Leon's Campaign where the same piano can be heard through the door where Liz is located. Inside the room there is in fact a piano, but the sheet music is soaked in blood and the keys appear to be untouched.
  • The teaser trailer for the episode shown some cutscenes that were not in the game. For example, During the fight with Wesker, Chris asks Jill "Are you OK?", then they go back-to-back and she replies "I'm fine". Another removed scene shows Jill falling from a balcony, but Chris catches her hand at the last second. Interestingly, a similar scene of Jill falling was used again in the trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations.
  • There is some unused dialogue with Chris and Jill talking about Chris flirting with a younger co-worker. As with most cut audio, it remains within the game files.[1]Jill's L.I.N voice files. Jill's unused voice files can also be heard here.
  • It is possible to get the Centaur emblem at the Piano Room without needing Jill to play Moonlight Sonata. By throwing a hand grenade at the right angle, it'll go through the wall and hit the red button right next to the emblem, instantly lowering the door.
  • If one checks the main hall front door three times (when the text says "?") the camera system reverts to the static camera angles and tank-control system used in the original Resident Evil. When the player dies, goes to the next area, or checks the door again three more times it will go back to the normal camera angle.
  • When playing as Jill and the player dodges Wesker's attack where he punches then stomps, the prompt will read "Flip Kick", but Jill will perform the "Cartwheel Kick" instead.
  • Throughout Lost in Nightmares, there are many references to earlier titles in the series.
    • The estate itself is a near replica of the Spencer Mansion.
    • Going through doors in the Mansion area will cause the camera angle to go to a first person perspective, mimicking the load screen of early titles.
    • The piano scene in Lost in Nightmares can be seen as a parallel too that in the Spencer Mansion where the Moonlight Sonata must be played to obtain the Gold Emblem from a room behind a wall. A similar situation happens in Lost in Nightmares where Jill plays the piano revealing a hidden room where Chris must obtain the Centaur Emblem.
    • An abbreviated version of the Keeper's Diary from the original Resident Evil can be found in the upstairs bedroom. It features slightly different wording and less entries. Reading it yields one of the passcodes, stuck between the last few pages.
    • A spiked ceiling comes down on Jill while Chris has to save her or vice versa, deliberately recalling a specific event from Resident Evil, where the ceiling drops on Jill and Barry saves her.
    • When walking through the hallway with three windows on the right (from the main entrance), a bat will break through the last window and a second later a dog can be heard howling. This is in reference to a similar hallway in the original game, where a Cerberus would burst through that window.
    • If one is to look at the pictures in the hallway before the spike ceiling trap, you will be able to see pictures of the undergrounds and ancient ruins encountered in the main story. You will also see what appears to be a man standing in some of the pictures. This is presumed to be Spencer at the time of rediscovering the Stairway of the Sun flowers.



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