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Lott Klein was a child living on Sheena Island with his sister, Lily. He was one of the three survivors of the Sheena Island outbreak, alongside his sister and the detective, Ark Thompson.


Lott was born in the mid-1980s and was raised on Sheena Island, a private island owned and administrated by the Umbrella Corporation. His father was chief of the Gene Application Engineering Laboratory on the island.[2][excerpt 1] Due to the authoritarian governing by Umbrella, the residents were brainwashed to believe that Umbrella's researchers were saviours turning low-status 'outsiders' into decent people.[3] They were, of course, ignorant as to reality - Umbrella had abducted youths from across the globe to be dissected for their raw-materials.[4] Lott was tainted with Umbrella's racial supremacy doctrine, which states it is natural for superior humans to control those who are "inferior".[2] When it was discovered that Commander Vincent Goldman had personally executed the prison inmates as they made an escape attempt, Lott began to question Umbrella's moral compass.[3]

Soon afterwards, Lott discovered Ark Thompson, a private investigator sent by Leon Scott Kennedy to spy on Umbrella. He worked out that the man was a spy when he posed as Vincent Goldman to Andy Holland, a new employee working in the sewers. Having met the real Vincent in person, Lott reported the imposter directly to him.[5]

The Second Raccoon City[]

During late November, Sheena Island felt the sting of the t-Virus much as Raccoon City had experienced months before. The city went into a frenzy of panic with many once-amiable scientists transforming into mindless zombies, much to the confusion of the young Lott. However, tragedy hit him close to home when his mother and father come under the effects of the virus, causing the two children to flee and fend for themselves.[3]

Lott armed himself with an aluminium baseball bat, and after finding a safe place for Lily to hide, went in search for a way to escape. While examining the sewer, he came into contact with the amnesiac Ark; fearing that Ark may have a vendetta with him, Lott became defensive, threatening Ark before escaping.[6]

Soon afterwards, after not finding any sort of escape within the sewers, Lott returned to his sister, whom he found confronted by Ark. Lott swiftly attacked him, unaware of his amnesia, and escaped with his sister to their home.[7] After securing her within their bedroom, he made his way to the Tyrant Plant, where he understood there was a tram system heading out somewhere else. In the facility, he came into contact with a Hunter. Though Lott tried to fight it with his bat, he was overwhelmed and shoved over a side railing, barely managing to grab on to the side. Ark managed to save him in the nick of time, and questioned Lott's motives.[8]

Lott, shocked at Ark's amnesia, confessed to his accusation and apologized.[5] With Ark's forgiveness, he went back to his house to fetch Lily, and the three of them made it to a train leading toward a helicopter. However, celebration was short lived when a Tyrant confronted them before take-off.[9] Ark ordered them to escape while he handled the Tyrant, successfully bringing it down. Though they managed to escape, the Tyrant grabbed onto the leg of the helicopter, which Ark quickly dispatches with a rocket. With the three finally free, they flew to safety.[10]




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