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Lukas Butler (ルーカス・バトラー Rūkasu batorā?) was a student at Philosophy University. He was Olivia Price's boyfriend, and a friend of Mary Grey.[1]


Lukas first appeared in the chemistry period session led by Dr Rebecca Chambers. When Price asked Chambers if she had a boyfriend after a month of being temporary teacher, Chambers retaliates by asking Price the same question. Lukas was then bragged by Price as the most popular student of the science department, The two express their love in front of the class with Butler promising Price that he will protect her. After the bell rings, Butler embraces Price and together they bid Grey farewell.

When the outbreak begin, Butler and his girlfriend frantically run into Chambers and asking her for help. Chambers directed her colleague Bethany to take them and Grey with her to the audio visual room where they can hide out for shelter. When they reach the room, Butler notices that Price is missing from the group, Bethany then volunteers herself to look for the missing student while telling the two to lock the door till help arrives.

Sometime later after seeing the pleading message from Price earlier, Butler told Gray that they are safe but they cant get out of the room as the fire shutters cant be opened from their side, he told Gray that they have to get out somehow but Gray interrupts him, asking him which part of her that he did not like. Before he could give an answer however, Price sends a message saying she got separated during the outbreak commotion and that she is currently hiding out in the art department warehouse on the west side of the university. The zombified students then bangs on the fire shutters sending Butler on a hysteria breakdown, he later finds out that Bethany is among them. Gray keeps on asking why he isn't saving Olivia right now but he can only answer it with panic and anger, she tells him that she will help Price for him.

Gray then calls Chambers if they can open the fire shutter door from the other side. Thanks to the security guard Posh Brown, the pair are able to fight off the zombies, Butler grabs a nearby hatchet and kills the zombified teacher Bethany. Gray say to Butler to let her save him, she then order Chambers to lock the fire shutter door, trapping the remaining inside.

They later stumble on members from Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance Oceania branch Sophie Home and marksman Piers Nivans, Home initially offers to guide them to the closest evacuation site but Gray insist on looking for their friend, Home and Nivans agree to their request and heads off to search for her.

During their journey, Butler noticed that Gray has gone missing from the group, he intends to look for her but after hearing the zombie growls, he decides to follow BSAA operatives.

He follows the group into Howard's research lab on the 4th floor, where they are reunited with Chris Redfield, United States Strategic Command agent Tyler Howard and Brown. Amidst the debate, Brown finds an authentication system to which Howard use it to unlock, revealing a bunch of missing zombified students and among them is his girlfriend Price, who is been infected. Home protects Butler throughout the fight with the infected, he calls for Price name desperately. When Nivans prepares to kill Price, Butler puts himself in the center, Price tackles him to the ground and even with Brown's effort to help the student, Butler ends up bitten by Price and Home kills her to save Butler. He then begs Price not to leave him and this action is seen by Gray, he apologizes to Price that he couldn't save her. Later, his infection starts to take ahold of him, he tries to shoot himself but is immediately turned, he is later killed by Nivans in order to save Home.