(Game Boy Color)

Lucia (ルシア Rushia?) was the only surviving passenger of the Starlight cruiser when it was infested with the t-Virus.


Lucia is a 13-year-old girl, with little being known about her, aside from the fact that she was an orphaned child who was adopted approximately two years ago. Lucia was picked on by the other kids because she was "different" from them. Things had gotten so bad because of her "abilities" that her foster parents had decided to send her to relatives in Europe - which in turn caused her to be on board the STARLIGHT.

However, a creature of unknown origin infects Starlight killing all passengers, but Lucia survived because she was rescued by Leon S Kennedy, a special agent sent to the cruiser to eliminate a B.O.W. who had fled from one of the laboratories of Umbrella, and Leon presumed that the B.O.W. in question is the one they had already seen. Leon then hid Lucia on S deck while he continued to searched for the creature.

During the game

As Barry arrives at the cruiser, he is sent to the security room. Looking at security cameras feed, he finds Lucia. However, the creature is attracted by the sound and starts knocking the deck where Lucia is hidden, Barry then runs to the deck S, saving Lucia of the attack.

It is revealed that Lucia had skills that were caused by a parasite that escaped from one of the Umbrella laboratories and infected during childhood, and that the tyrant was sent by the Umbrella Corporation cruiser to retrieve it.

After being saved by Barry Burton from the "B.O.W.", the two made their way aboard an Umbrella submarine (which was the transport that sent the creature to the cruiser), where the Umbrella agents were forced by Barry to remove the parasite.

The operation was a success, however, the parasite attacked the Captain and quickly turns him into a zombie, along with the rest of the crew.

The duo made their way back onto the ship where she was thrown overboard. Barry then saved who he believed to be Lucia only to discover another Lucia is there as well. While both claimed to be Lucia, one was actually the Parasite.

The real Lucia then makes a decision that will save her life, as well as Barry's. Knowing now that the Parasite had green blood, she cuts her wrist revealing her red blood, effectively unmasking the other Lucia and in turn causing the Parasite to transform into a copy of the "B.O.W.".

After its defeat the two (along with Leon, who had disappeared earlier on in the mission) make their way back to the now abandoned submarine, where Barry then offers to adopt Lucia.


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