Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Lucy Mallet was a Raccoon City resident, and the daughter of Regan Mallet.


When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water in September in what became known as the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Lucy and her mother, Regan, fled into the Arklay Mountains along the Aimes River. During this escape, Lucy was separated from her mother, and found herself alone on the riverbank while her mother made her way to a cabin.


Survivors may find her against the riverbank in the "flashback" scenario, provided that they wait twenty minutes for the suspension bridge to collapse. She will refuse to go with them due to being strangers. To get her to safety, the player must obtain a pendant from her mother and show it to her.


Lucy can only be made playable through model-swapping. Pictured here is if a Kevin-type character is used as a base.

This character has no real stats so playing as her successfully is near impossible as she is unable to cause damage and runs at a very slow rate. Character stat modifier codes designed for this and similar characters must be used in order to use this character effectively. 

As for how she plays, her small size makes things such as the camera have to move down to focus on her while going through doors. Other times, moving to a place where the camera is in a set position up close will result in it being too high. Zombies seem to also have trouble grabbing her. They can but on occasions they may miss even if they are spot on. Also, her short size makes it hard to navigate through the Lakeside in "wild things" as she will literally be swimming under the surface which makes the lake hard to navigate while playing as her.

Further notes

  • Lucy's was called Madison earlier in the game's development.[citation needed]
  • There's actually a pre-release image of her handing an item to an injured Mark on the Mountain Path area of Flashback.  Either the developers originally intended her to be playable, or she was some kind of support character originally. 
  • Lucy's appearance changed between Outbreak and File 2. Although not appearing in Outbreak, her model data still exists and it features the outfit she wears in some early screenshots. It can be loaded with a gameshark but is statless like her File 2 iteration and needs codes to add proper stats.
    • Her Pigtails seem to have changed however between the earlier builds and the final iteration of Outbreak. In the early images of Lucy, they were much longer.
    • The model with longer pigtails is still in the game's cutscene models.
  • There seems to be a bizarre bug with Lucy's model as well in Outbreak. Lucy will become gigantic in Hellfire and Decisions, Decisions.
  • Lucy can be interacted with at the riverbank by ad-libing near her. However, it can only be done with one of the 8 default characters. Playable NPC characters can't interact with her. Depending upon the character that interacts with her, the conversation will be a little different. Her Ad-libs change once the pendant is given to her.
    • Strangely, the color of Lucy's Ad-lib text is green, which is generally associated with a male character. This may be related to her ingame model having no stat attributes of its own so it defaults to Kevin-type. (since internally Kevin is the first character type).



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