Luis' Memo (Ruisu no memo 1 ルイスのメモ1) is a file in Resident Evil 4.


It is found during Chapter 3-2 in the area with the Novistadores. The memo is in one of the cells.


Luis' Memo

There are some parasites that have the ability to control their hosts.

It's basic knowledge among biologists but not much is known as to how the parasites do it.

Studying these parasites specifically might reveal some clues to as to how the powers of the Las Plagas work. And perhaps provide more insight on the victims of the Las Plagas, the Los Ganados.

Here is a list of some of the parasites that have the ability to manipulate the behavioral patterns of their host.

Once the larvae of this parasite migrates to the ant's esophagus, it alters the behavior of the ant. When then temperature drops in the evening, the infected ant climbs to the top of a plant and clamps onto a leaf using its mandible.

It stays there immobile until the next morning, placing the ant where it's most vulnerable to be eaten by a browsing herbivore such as sheep.

One could conclude that the parasite is manipulating the host's behavior to its way into the body of its definitive host.

The larvae of this parasite makes its home inside the brain of a fish such as the yellowtail and the parrot bass. Once infected, the fish make their way up to the water's surface where they'll swim until eaten by seabirds.

Once again, the peculiar behavior can only be explained by the parasite's desire to get into the bodies of the seabirds.

This parasite's sporcysts develop in the snail's tentacles. The sporocysts are vivid in color and pulsate continually somewhat like a worm.

Surprisingly the infected snail makes its way to the top of a plant where it is most visible to the eyes of birds, therefore more likely to be eaten.

Once eaten by a bird, the parasite will complete its metamorphosis into an adult.

ルイスのメモ 1


その仕組みは解明されていないが、寄生虫による宿主の行動支配は一般的にも知られる話だ。 これらの寄生虫を研究すれば、この教団に伝わる「プラーガ」の力や、その犠牲者である「ガナード」達の事を解明する手がかりになるかもしれない。 一応、以下に寄生虫が宿主の行動を支配する実例を 記しておく。

この寄生虫の幼生が食道下神経節に入った「アリ」は、なぜか草の先端を噛んでそこに身体を固定する。 しかもその行動は、羊が草を食べる、夕方から朝の時間にのみ行われる。 明らかに、わざと羊に食べられるよう行動させているのだ。

この寄生虫は、「ブリ」や「イシダイ」など、魚の脳に寄生する。 すると寄生された魚は、なぜか海鳥に捕まり易い海面を泳ぎ回るようになる。 もちろん海鳥の体内に入るのが目的だ。

この寄生虫の幼生は「カタツムリ」の触角内で増殖し、毛虫のように動く。 さらに寄生された「カタツムリ」は、なぜか鳥に見つかり 易い葉の表面に移動し、捕食されるのを待つ。

この方法を使って、寄生虫は鳥の体内に入り、 成虫になるのだ。



It is the first of a series of research notes left by Luis Sera. The note contains some notes about different parasites to help explain the parasitic natural of the Plaga.




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