Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"A little rough, don't you think? "
— Luis to Leon S. Kennedy upon meeting.

Luis Sera was a researcher for Osmund Saddler, who rebelled against the cultist leader by assisting Leon Kennedy in taking down Los Iluminados. Luis was killed by his former master when he attempted to steal the sample.


"Did you send out those invitations? I told you no more than 50 people!"
— Luis' bottle cap.

Early lifeEdit

Luis was a native of a rural Spanish village, who left to pursue a career.[2] He and his grandfather used secret passages around the village.[3]

When Luis returned, he found the village under the influence of Osmund Saddler. With the Plagas being extracted from the mines, Luis was hired as a researcher to experiment with enhancing the creatures and their hosts (examples of enhancements include the Dominant Species Plaga, with a host example being the Novistador).

Los IluminadosEdit

When he became disillusioned with Saddler, and the research he was performing for him, Sera decided to betray Saddler and abscond with a Plaga sample for a third party, with Ada Wong (sent there by Albert Wesker) being his liaison. Eventually Saddler caught up with him and ordered his followers to tie him up and put him in a closet to wait for the drug inside his body to wear off before injecting him with another plaga egg. However, Leon S. Kennedy finds Sera in the cabin and frees him. Sera later helps Leon and Ashley Graham fight off a mob of Ganado.

After leaving them, Sera contacted Ada, telling her that he would bring the sample only "if she [got] rid of that old man and his religious friends". He proceeded to obtaining the sample and also the vaccine for Leon and Ashley, who had been infected by the Plaga.


Unfortunately, Saddler eventually caught up to Sera and impaled him through the chest with his tentacle tail. Before dying, Sera gave Leon some pills to suppress the growth of the Plaga in his body, as well as leaving behind all of his research notes scattered throughout the castle and island complex.

These memos provide Leon with useful information on the behavior of Las Plagas and how to destroy many of the creatures that plagued the surrounding area. The plaga-removing machine which Leon and Ashley later used was invented by Luis, having created it to remove a Plaga egg before it hatched in his body.

Even though Sera didn't live to see it, Leon and Ada managed to stop the Prophet Saddler from taking over the world, and destroyed his cult in the process.


Luis will join the player as an AI partner during the fight in the cabin during Chapter 2-2 of the main game. He will just use a Red9 handgun to fight with. Occasionally, he will toss Leon various items exclaiming; "Here, use this!". Luis will duck to avoid friendly fire whenever the player aims in his direction.

If Luis is hit enough times, a special cutscene will trigger wherein Luis says "Adios Leon!" (Goodbye Leon) and shoots Leon twice, resulting in the game over screen. This will also occur if he is hit with the knife enough times. Therefore, the player must exercise caution when using hand grenades around him. Luis is immune to having eggs thrown at him.

Luis' body can be examined after his death, it will show the message "They'll pay for your death. I promise".

Luis also has a bottle cap modeled after him. It is part of the first row and its voice clip says "Did you send out those invitations?! I told you no more than FIFTY PEOPLE!" This is a reference to the cabin fight.

Further NotesEdit

  • During his conversation with Leon, Luis claimed that he had seen a t-Virus sample in a police department lab in Madrid. He also claims he once worked for the Madrid police.
  • In Separate Ways, Ada admits in her report that she had grown fond of Luis, due to their history sharing the same "enthusiasm".
  • Luis was a smoker, as he asks Leon and Ada for a cigarette when he first meets them.
  • In the Trial Edition of Resident Evil 4, Luis is seen with a small beard.




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