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"You know, I led a pretty shitty life. But now, eh… what do you think, Leon? People can change, right?"
— Luis Serra to Leon S. Kennedy

Dr. Luis Serra Navarro (ルイス・セラ・ナバロ Ruisu Sera Nabaro?), often shorted to Luis Serra (ルイス・セラ Ruisu Sera?) was a Spanish biologist native to an isolated region of Spain and former employee of the Umbrella Corporation.


Early life[]

Dr. Serra was born and raised in Valdelobos, a devoutly Catholic village located within the sparsely populated mountainous region of the same name in Spain; the population there were traditionalist luddite isolationists who had shunned most modern technology in favour of a pre-industrial lifestyle. His mother died in childbirth, leaving him to be raised by his grandfather, who hunted in the woodlands in the valley.[3][4]

RE4R - Photo of a Boy and His Grandfather

The Navarro Family, 1981

From a very young age, Dr. Serra had a curiosity for the world around him and was observant beyond his years. He would often attempt to follow his grandfather on hunting trips and had become fascinated with fairy tales and stories, most notably that of Don Quixote. His grandfather would note that, had he not been stuck in the reclusive village, he would make a worthy scholar.[3]

In his adolescence, Serra's grandfather was attacked by a ravenous wolf while hunting, the old man managed to make it back to the family's cabin, but had become infected with an unknown illness as a result of the attack and his condition would only further deteriorate, leaving rumours of "madness" spreading among the villagers.[3] The word of the grandfather's strange illness soon reached the then-current village chieftan, who confided in Bitores Méndez to prevent the infection from spreading. Thus, one night while Serra was out of the house, he would return to find his family's cabin set ablaze, with his grandfather lost to the flames. Méndez would write that the entire village had gathered to watch in shock and terror, yet even after the last ember had been extinguished, the young Serra still looked on without uttering a word, not moving a muscle until dawn. After which, he disappeared from the village.[5]

After leaving, Serra set out to make a name for himself in the modern world in his grandfather's memory and enrolled in a public university, earning a degree as a prodigy biologist.[6] Afterwards, Dr. Serra's potential was noted by his peers and his reputation drew the attention of then-prestigious Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, who hired Serra. During his tenure with the company, Dr. Serra produced several over-the-counter medications, all of which were unfortunately discontinued before reaching shelves. At some point, Dr. Serra would become part of Umbrella Europe's Sixth Laboratory, which oversaw continued research on the NE-α, a parasite that could take control of a victim by hijacking it's nervous system.[7][8][9] This research would eventually lead to the development of the Nemesis T-Type. However, Luis would become disillusioned with the company and his work and soon resigned from the company.[10]

In 1998, following the widely-publicised Raccoon City Destruction Incident, an international investigation was carried out by various government bodies and law enforcement agencies to locate and subpoena everyone associated with the conglomerate's R&D division in the ongoing Raccoon Trials. However, by this time, Dr. Serra had already returned to his isolated home of Valdelobos without leaving so much as a trace to his identity or whereabouts.[10]

Los Illuminados (2004)[]

"Then come, Sancho Panza! Let us rescue the Princess Dulcinea!"
— Luis Serra Navarro to Leon S. Kennedy[11]
RE4MAKE Luis Sera (3)

Luis is found by Leon S. Kennedy

Dr. Serra returned to Valdelobos as it was being taken over by Los Iluminados, a cult which worshipped a parasitic organism native to the area. The cult's leader and prophet, Lord Osmund Saddler, used the village's superstitious legends and devout religiosity as a recruiting tool for his real objective: to spread the Plagas across the planet and achieve his ideal world peace. Dr. Serra was hired to lead the genetic research and modification of the Plagas on a private island facility, and had been given instructions by Saddler to discover ways to weaken and/or remove the Plaga from hosts. But Luis learns his research was meant to found and parasite's weaknesses and thus engineer a more resilient generation of Plaga. Dr. Serra became guilt-ridden upon learning of Saddler's true agenda, he ended up contacting Ada Wong and her employer, requesting their aid to escape in return for the Plaga sample called the Amber and its research data. Luis acquires the Amber and hide it away at a secure location but he is caught along with other scientists and forced to parasitized with the Plaga though he manages to extract it out before being fully taken control and flee back to Valdelobos.

However, Serra is captured and taken to Salazar Castle and set to be tortured and executed by zealots but not before he securely hide away the Amber. As he is escorted outside, the Zealots are wiped out by an female attendant who is revealed to be Ada in disguise and the pair head towards to the location of the hidden Amber. Before they can escape the castle, the pair are confronted by Zealots and Ramón Salazar's bodyguard Pesanta with Serra hesitantly escaping with the use of pulley system and Ada confronts the being but not before Luis reminding her of their rendezvous location in Village Church.

R4MAKE Luis (9)

Serra and Kennedy in the Mines.

However, Dr. Serra was kidnapped by Fr. Bitores Méndez's forces while making through Valdelobos village, and was sealed in his house basement to be interrogated later. Saddler refused to allow his execution until the location of the sample because Luis cannot be injected by another plaga egg due to the suppressor he had put himself on earlier. This opened up a window for his escape when the decision was made to take him to a camp with fellow prisoner, Leon S. Kennedy, a USSTRATCOM agent sent to search for Ashley Graham, who the group had abducted. Serra was aware of the operation, but refused to divulge his identity to Kennedy, who later learns of his history with UMBRELLA. During his captivity, Serra wrote channel numbers to communicate with on the two-way radio. Sometime later, Ada tracks to his cell and manages to contact him who tells her to meet him at a cabin outside the Village.

Serra managed to make there first before signalling the distressed Graham and Kennedy to seek shelter inside from the pursuing Villager Ganados. Still harboring anger over his discovery of Serra's past, Kennedy confronts him and attempts to interrogate him. However, their conversation is interrupted as the ganados start closing in on the cabin. The pair hide Graham while Kennedy and Serra defends against the relentless assault from the hostiles. After enduring the onslaught, Graham discovers an escape route, and the trio flees the premises, with Kennedy shooting the chains off to close the wooden portcullis and cut off their pursuers. Taking a moment to catch their breath, Graham begins to cough up blood. Serra asks if this is her first experience of coughing up blood and explains that it is a symptom of Las Plagas. Learning of their affliction, Serra informs them of a surgical procedure that can remove the parasite and bears his scars across his chest as evidence. Serra reveals that he has a plan that will require their trust, though they are hesitant. Kennedy questions his motives for helping, but Serra simply replies that it makes him feel better. Serra departs, promising to contact them again later.

Serra trudges through the rainy terrain and unexpectedly encounters Wong who asks of his progress in acquiring the "Amber" and reminds him that without it, he won't receive protection. Serra assures her and mentions that he also needs to collect something else. The pair heads back to Salazar Castle where he informs her of another objective that he had to accomplish which sets off Wong who threatens to shoot him but Serra manages to convince her of getting the medicine to slow down Plaga parasitization process of Kennedy and Graham as well as Wong who he recognizes the effects of the parasite symptoms.

Wong relents but reminds him that it is his last chance before accompanying him. The pair discovers that the lab is on fire with Serra rushing in to retrieve the suppressants despite Wong's attempt at stopping him. She chases after Serra and brings him to safety with her chastising him for putting himself into danger to which Serra despairs over the thought that he cannot save them, Wong suggests that he makes more of the suppressant which gives him hope as he remembers that all the ingredients are present at the castle and there are still time in retrieving the Amber. Serra prescribes the ingredients needed to make the serum which contains minerals in Red Ink, yeasts in Gold Bottle and substances in the scales of a Blue Butterfly which is available in different locations of the castle and hands the note to Ada before departing to acquire the Amber. During the last stretch, Serra contacts Wong and rendezvous the location at the castle's top to deliver the ingredients in turn for the Amber. Acquring the last ingredient, Wong meets up with Serra who carries a box with chemical equipments and hands over the Amber to Wong who unintentionally reacts strongly as the parasite within her is reacting to the sample which in turn further the progress of Plaga parasitization. Serra quickly prepares the suppressant and treats her with the serum which appears to be ineffective as this draws the attention of Pesanta much to his confusion, Wong forces Serra to take the Amber and escape the area as she distracts the creature.

RE4 remake Luis death

Death of Serra.

Following their encounter, Serra decides to head for the mines in search of Kennedy after overhearing Salazar on the intercom and directs her to the Gregorio's Waterway as alternative entry and left behind red spray paints as guides. He later finds Leon in the underground of Salazar Castle after he lost Ashley, giving him designed suppressor to halt the growth of the Plaga in his body. Dr. Serra then helps Leon get back to the ground level, only to be fatally stabbed by Jack Krauser and muster enough strength to drive off Krauser with a warning shot before collapsing. Near death, Serra provides Leon with detail on the island complex and hands over the key to his laboratory. Leon thereafter swore vengeance for Dr. Serra's death. Before dying, Serra contacts Wong and tells her Krauser has the sample before thanking her for a chance to make amends.

Later on, Leon comes across Ashley who is informed of Serra's passing and swears to remove the parasite and escape in honour of him. As they go on, Leon manages to use the given key and removes the Plaga inside them with his sacrifice contributed to their escape from the clutches of Saddler.


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