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Luiza was a village resident of a snowy village in a Eastern European mountain range. She is the owner of Luiza's House, where she gathered any survivors of the Lycan attacks.


Like many others in the region, Luiza was a devout follower of the local pagan cult that worshiped Mother Miranda. However, once most of the village residents were either slaughtered or transformed into mutants and Lycans, she turned her house into a sanctuary for survivors. At some point, her husband left the sanctuary to get help, but the two were never able to see each other alive again.

When Ethan Winters, Leonardo and Elena arrived at her house, she welcomed her two village neighbors in. Though initially wary of Ethan, she decides to trust him as Elena does. Luiza told Ethan to wait in her lobby while she checks on the others, then invites him into her dining room to take a seat with them.

When Ethan asks if this is all remains of the Village, the drunken Anton cruelly insults the other survivors and Luiza herself, upset that she brought in a dying man and an outsider. She rebukes his drunken ranting, telling him that her house has been protecting her family for generations and that all are welcome and safe in there. Ethan questions Luiza, but she says she has no idea what is happening in the village, only that monsters suddenly attacked. Elena asks her where her husband went, to which she answers that he went outside to get help. She then brings the group together to say a prayer for his safety.

Leonardo begins to act strange, collapsing in pain and starting a fire after knocking over a lantern. Luiza tries to help him but Leonardo hacks her in the shoulder with his machete, fatally injuring her as she bleeds to death. The infected Leonardo starts a murderous rampage, eliminating all that remains of the village.

The fire eventually spreads to the rest of the house, destroying the only safe haven left for survivors of the Lycan attacks. The bodies of Luiza and the rest of the survivors are consumed by the flames as Ethan escapes, only leaving behind the crest in her courtyard and her treasured necklace in the ruins.



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