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Luke was an Umbrella Security Service operator who took part in Operation: NESTWRECKER, a mission to raid Umbrella's NEST facility and retrieve Golgotha from the renegade Dr. William Birkin on 23 September 1998. Luke was attacked by the mutated Dr. Birkin and killed.


Type Kevin
HP 2600-3000
Virus gauge (% per minute) 1.84%
Speed (% standard) 100%
Damage (% standard) 110%

As a Kevin-type, Luke can perform the Pot Shot special ability and his attacks in File #2 include kicks and elbow tackles. Luke's starting weapon is the First Aid Spray, and he starts every game in FINE.[2]

Luke is unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak after the player clears all five scenarios with each character, and can be purchased for 5000 points. Alternatively, players with the File #2 disc can purchase Luke for 500 points at the start and transfer him to the Resident Evil Outbreak disc via Data Convert.

Further Notes[]

  • He is called U.S.S. 1 in Outbreak.




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