Luke was an Umbrella Security Service agent. He was an active member during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


Type Kevin
HP 2600-3000
Virus gauge (% per minute) 1.84%
Speed (% standard) 100%
Damage (% standard) 110%

As a Kevin-type, Luke can perform the Pot Shot special ability and his attacks in File #2 include kicks and elbow tackles. Luke's starting weapon is the First Aid Spray, and he starts every game in FINE.[2]

Luke is unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak after the player clears all five scenarios with each character, and can be purchased for 5000 points. Alternatively, players with the File #2 disc can purchase Luke for 500 points at the start and transfer him to the Resident Evil Outbreak disc via Data Convert.

Further NotesEdit

  • He is called U.S.S. 1 in Outbreak.




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