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The Lupo Personnel Profile‏‎ is an online file hidden as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Real name: Karena LesProux
Age: 38
Nationality: French
Blood type: AB
Team role: Assault


An experienced French Special Forces op who left soldiering to focus on raising a family with her
'dream man'. Things did not work out.

Her husband was abusive and violent towards her, something she tolerated for the sake of her
children thanks to her training and discipline. Things escalated when he laid hands on the children
– at which point Lupo snapped and killed him with her bare hands.

She was acquitted by a sympathetic judge and tried to embark on life as a single mother – something
she singularly failed to do. The real world is no place for a trained killer. Lupo's instincts
proved too stong, soldiering was in her blood. With that, she returned to work as a private
contractor, protecting, controlling and killing for the highest bidder.

After only a few 'tours' she came to our attention and we took pains to secure her services. Lupo's
lucrative contract with us, guarantees food on her dinner table, good doctors at the first sign of a
cough and excellent schools – the very best for her children. As long as she lives of course.

Lupo currently leads Umbrella Security Service Delta Team, better known as the 'Wolfpack,' and she
demands the same discipline and obedience that she expects from her own children. This approach has
earned her the nickname Wolf Mother.

Specialist skills and equipment:

Body Armor
Lupo's Assault body armor reduces the damage she receives from bullets.

Quick Reload
Her training ensures a faster weapon reload time.

Incendiary Rounds
Bullets that set her enemies ablaze.

Guns A' Blazin'
Lupo has the uncanny ability to fire a seemingly infinite amount of ammo for a set period of time, laying waste to all before her.

Super Soldier
Lupo leads from the front, with increased weapon accuracy and damage, whilst damage to her is nullified.