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The lycan (ライカン raikan?) are a mutant human species whom are noted for their canine-like characteristics resulting from an outbreak of Mold in Eastern Europe and the infestation of the Cadou parasite. From 1919 to 2021 they had carved out their territory in an isolated mountain village, where they preyed upon other humans. Lycan are believed extinct following the region's destruction by the Fungal Root.


Lycan are the result of a human being implanted with Cadou, a parasitic nematode genetically modified by the Mold. Originally these people were failed test-subjects for a superhuman project intent on finding a suitable host body for the copied Eva consciousness, with Lycan being the result of the host and parasite rejecting one another due to the host's low affinity.

These mutants were then cast out of the village by Miranda in order to keep the remaining townsfolk alive for future research. They then made their den in the ruins of a medieval fort, and were treated more akin to foxes, only occasionally raiding the village to kill livestock. Though there have been cases of people in 2021 becoming Lycan after being injured, it is uncertain if Lycan are capable of infecting people or if they had already been injected with Cadou eggs.

In terms of intelligence, Lycan are close to normal humans in that they are capable of expertly handling weapons such as bows, ride horses, and are seen to occasionally wear crude armor. Lycans are also social creatures, and thus they hunt in packs and have a strong hierarchy where the larger Lycan appear to take a leadership role, being Uriaș, the biggest Lycan, at the top as expected, though this may be only on a pragmatic basis.

They are extremely aggressive and will attack their designated target they hunt on sight, except while stalking their prey. While Lycan do prey on humans, they typically consume them after some time has passed. Lycan are known to hang their prey by rope for later consumption, usually while grabbing onto the corpse. They are not picky eaters however, preying on nearly anything, including livestock, birds and fish.

In terms of physical appearance and strength, Lycan are considerably stronger than normal humans and their distorted jaws give stronger biting force, powerful enough to easily sever limbs of their victims. They are also more agile and durable, able to taking and enduring multiple gunshot and stab wounds before finally going down and succumbing to death.


Lycan appear in Resident Evil Village during the Village sections of the game. Lycan are usually seen in packs, but a few solitary Lycan are encountered throughout the game. When they aren't alerted or provoked Lycan can be seen crouching on rooftops with their heads down. Lycan can be seen eating by themselves or with other Lycan. Shooting at a Lycan will cause it to roar and alert nearby Lycan. Lycan will then rush towards the player.

Lycan walk while crouching but will run on all fours if the player is far away. Lycan are versatile, they can climb through windows, jump on rooftops, and if something is blocking their path they will hit that object until it breaks. Lycan will also duck and dodge when the player aims at them. Lycan can use their claws, mouths, and a variety of melee weapons against the player. A few Lycan are also able to use bows. Because of this Lycan can both be a threat close quarters and from far away.

When confronting Lycan hordes it is advised to use a shotgun and explosives and, if possible, use gunpowder barrels. For solitary Lycan a pistol or shotgun is most effective. And unaware Lycan can either be sneaked past or killed. Sniper rifles are best used against far away Lycan or those that are unaware. When killed, Lycan will drop crafting supplies or valuables but can not drop ammo or healing items.

There is a counter attack against the Lycan where if you hit their head before they hit you with an attack, it will make them flinch, then they will lunge towards you to grab you. When grabbed, pressing the Guard button will cause Ethan to kick the Lycan away giving you a moment to attack it. Failure to press the guard button will result in damage. However, this counter has very poor detection, as when Ethan is standing at an elevation higher than the Lycan, shooting the Lycan in the head will not cause the counter to register. It will only register if Ethan is lower than the Lycan or when he is in an area that has flat ground (note: Not all areas that have flat ground will allow this counter to work. The numerous problems with the counter are likely a massive oversight on the developers' part or likely due to improper testing.)


Further notes

  • Though their name would imply a werewolf connection, Lycan are simply mutant humans. A more literal take on werewolves is the Vârcolac.
  • Alternately, their appearances and namesake appear to evoke more than just the ideas of werewolves, from the ideas of barbarian invaders of old who raid and slaughter villages, the berserkers of Nordic myth, who were believed to have ingested psychoactive substances to summon their infamous berserk rage into battle, and to the infernal tribes of Gog and Magog, who in Medieval Christian folklore were savage cannibals and warmongers that were said to come upon the end of the world to reign terror on mankind, and are believed to be the demonization of Central European barbarian tribes like the Dii, the Thracians, and the Scythians, who were said to be responsible for the end of Ancient Greek and Roman civilization by their ruthlessness in combat.
  • The basic idea behind the Lycan design is that of "primitive zombie".[1]


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