DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Lyndon Barry was a survivor of the global T-virus pandemic, and a member of Claire Redfield's convoy.


In 2002, Lyndon was a camera operator for KT3's news service in Denver, Colorado. When the T-virus began to spread out from Raccoon City, Lyndon; Heidi Ellis and Ross Vincent drove around Colorado filming the crisis. When KT3 stopped broadcasting, they managed to send their stories out to the internet. The three were eventually surrounded by Zomboids when it spread too much, but were rescued by Carlos Olivera and L.J Wayne. Heidi, unfortunately transformed after a bite and attacked Ross.[1]

Lyndon survived the attack unmolested and joined Claire Redfield's convoy, turning the news truck into a communications vehicle to give it use to the convoy.[2] Investigating the basement of a dilapidated house for supplies, the ceiling caved in and damaged his leg. He died of gangrene due to the lack of any medicine.[1]


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